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Ignore Solution to Phishing, Spearphishing Risk at Your Peril

16 Apr, 2015

Phishing and spearphishing are in the news, and many more frightening attacks will never be widely discussed. Investing in user training is a little-used defense.

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IT Career News: Productive Remote Work, Meeting the New Boss, Lynda Sells

10 Apr, 2015

IT career news included a huge acquisition in online education, details on how workers really use collaboration tools, and sources of productivity that benefit both employer and employee.

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Nation-State Attackers Require a Different Response

09 Apr, 2015

In the same way that the attackers took their time entering a system, the affected company can take its time isolating and studying the malware, rather than immediately sounding an alert.

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Yale MBA Program Adds Management of Software Dev Class

07 Apr, 2015

Though a one-off class may provide just enough information to make a graduate dangerous, the skills necessary to manage a successful development team are gaining more attention in the workplace.

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IT Career News: Odd Questions, CIO vs. CTO, Money Talks

27 Mar, 2015

News this week included weird interview questions, the demise of the CIO or CTO, data ethics, legacies, and putting its money where its mouth is in Indiana.

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Why the Data Security and Breach Notification Act Is Drawing Ire

24 Mar, 2015

We may never see a completed national data protection and breach notification law, if questions about language, coverage and interference with state protections aren't adequately answered.

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Hiring Solution: Health Care IT Internships for Veterans

18 Mar, 2015

Chicago's Rush University Medical Center has a military veteran in IT management and a robust internship program for veterans interested in tech work.

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Cybersecurity Project Targets Better Patient Health

17 Mar, 2015

Better outcomes for patients is the added level of urgency in cybersecurity efforts for health care organizations.

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Internet of Things Means Everyone Wants a Data Scientist

13 Mar, 2015

Infobright CEO Don DeLoach says it's early days for data scientists, but we can still make some solid predictions about how they'll help develop the value of the Internet of Things.

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A Positive Spin on Security as Business Enabler

10 Mar, 2015

A message on the full range of benefits of security tools and approaches can help bring executives and the board closer together on strategic planning.

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IT Pros with Linux Skills Finding Job Market ‘Easy’

06 Mar, 2015

Not surprisingly, hiring managers say it is hard to find the Linux talent they seek, reports Dice.

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What’s Behind the C-Suite Disconnect on Risk

02 Mar, 2015

Culture, dysfunctional communication, and job function demands all contribute to an important disconnect on how to prioritize cybersecurity risks in the C-suite.

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Cybrary.IT Survey Finds Security Training in High Demand

18 Feb, 2015

The price of training is a major issue for individuals and companies, as both attempt to keep up with rapidly changing cyber threats and the growing need for specialized security skills.

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Encryption Not a Black and White Approach

13 Feb, 2015

Organizations are being led to believe that encryption is an either-or choice, but that is not the case.

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Cybersecurity Insurance, IT Processes Melding into New Approach

11 Feb, 2015

Awareness of the breadth and depth of damages from data breaches is boosting demand for increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity insurance products, says MetricStream's Yo Delmar.

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Onalytica on How Market Influencers Are Defined, Identified

06 Feb, 2015

Onalytica's Arthur Hilhorst explains what or who can be a notable market influencer, and how that influence can be tracked and measured. The possibilities are endless.

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Enterprise Apps Hangout: Applications and the Cloud

03 Feb, 2015

Cloud delivery of enterprise applications is the subject of an upcoming live Google Hangout.

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Cybrary.IT Aims to Break Down Barriers to Entry to Cybersecurity Training

26 Jan, 2015

Cybrary.IT Co-Founder Ryan Corey has identified several groups that will benefit from access to free cybersecurity training. Some lack funds, some need flexibility.

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Cybrary.IT’s Free Cybersecurity Training Set to Change Tech Ed

23 Jan, 2015

Cybrary.IT is the first and only free MOOC for IT and cybersecurity education. It recently launched to the general public, and is seeing strong worldwide uptake.

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Workforce Management to Crunch Data, Costs in 2015

16 Jan, 2015

Organizations are getting serious about tracking down the data needed to understand and control costs related to the workforce.

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