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Visibility, the Key to a Functional IoT

27 Jun, 2017

Visibility is likely to remain a top challenge for the IoT, if only because so much of the emerging infrastructure will be beyond the enterprise’s direct control.

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Recasting Infrastructure for AI Workloads

26 Jun, 2017

Ultimately, AI environments will have to be highly customized for individual workloads and business models, and much of this will take place on the architectural level rather than infrastructure.

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When Data Demand Tops Data Center Efficiency

23 Jun, 2017

The enterprise has made great strides in curbing its appetite for energy over the past decade, but will this ultimately be a losing battle as demand for data continues to rise?

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Transforming Mission-Critical Systems

21 Jun, 2017

At some point, the digital transformation will have to address core, mission-critical systems and applications.

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Is the Enterprise Finally Ready for VDI?

20 Jun, 2017

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) continues to rise from the ashes in the hopes that it will one day take its place as a mainstream enterprise solution.

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New Servers Target Specialized Workloads

19 Jun, 2017

It’s somewhat ironic that in an age when software-defined architectures are fueling demand for generic commodity hardware, specialized hardware optimized for key workloads is hitting the channel as well.

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Liquid Cooling Coming to the Edge

15 Jun, 2017

The enterprise is poised to make a serious investment in edge-based processing and storage, the vast majority of it coming in the form of single- or maybe dual-rack “micro data centers.”

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Facing the Realities of IoT Deployment

14 Jun, 2017

For those tasked with implementing the infrastructure and architecture to make the IoT happen, the conversation is starting to veer toward more practical concerns.

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Can Enterprise Vendors Transition as Well?

13 Jun, 2017

The enterprise industry is embarking on the most momentous change in its history and this is raising serious doubts as to the future of many of the sector’s established vendors.

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Multi-Cloud: Today’s Preference, Tomorrow’s Necessity

12 Jun, 2017

Multiple clouds may require more work up front, and on the management side, but it’s worth it to know that, barring a truly catastrophic event, there should always be resources available when you need them.

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Switch Launches New Uptime Standard

09 Jun, 2017

Ratings systems and professional evaluations are rampant in technology, and many undoubtedly provide a valuable service for organizations looking to penetrate the cutting edge.

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The Cloud Is Becoming Increasingly Vertical

07 Jun, 2017

The cloud is quickly expanding from a general-purpose data services platform to a series of highly targeted industry vertical solutions, further decreasing the need for businesses of all types to maintain infrastructure to support their operational models.

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SMBs Warming Up to Hyperconvergence

06 Jun, 2017

As more SMBs discover that the cloud was never meant to be a full replacement for the data center, HCI will become a tantalizing draw for on-premises data infrastructure.

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The Multi-Dimensional IT Management Challenge

05 Jun, 2017

The more dependent the enterprise becomes on digital processes and services, the greater care it must take to ensure its data environment is running properly and that any issues can be corrected before they affect performance.

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Loosely Defining the Software-Defined Data Center

01 Jun, 2017

Aside from the broad outlines of a fully virtualized infrastructure, there is little in the way of a clear direction as to how the SDDC should be architected or what operational parameters it should support.

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Self-Service in the Enterprise: How Much Is Enough?

31 May, 2017

As with all enterprise initiatives, self-service should be driven by outcomes, not technology.

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IT Automation Has Only Just Begun

30 May, 2017

Automation will undoubtedly be a controversial topic even after today’s generation of intelligent systems has entered the mainstream.

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VM Density: A Question of Balance

30 May, 2017

IT executives need to take care not to push VM density too far too fast, or they may have to answer to the front office when services go down.

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The Devops Chicken or the Agile Infrastructure Egg?

25 May, 2017

Organizations should plan on pushing devops as deeply into their business models as possible, and then think of ways to overcome the resistance that will hamper deployment at each subsequent step.

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For Scale, It’s Best to Go Modular

24 May, 2017

New modular solutions are entering the channel that promise to streamline both the deployment and ongoing management burdens of on-premises resources while duplicating the scale and operational efficiencies of the cloud.

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