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IoT Infrastructure: Stepping Ever Closer to the Edge

27 May, 2016

With edge computing, the enterprise can improve service to users and lower its wide area networking costs.

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IT Vendors and the Uber Effect

25 May, 2016

An app-centric start-up can under-price and out-perform longstanding business models simply by connecting existing services in new and innovative ways.

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A Better IoT Through Middleware

24 May, 2016

The enterprise needs to build roughly the same data ecosystem that exists within the data center, but tailored to the more abstract nature of the IoT.

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Maintaining Control in a Self-Service Enterprise

23 May, 2016

Sixty-four percent of IT and business pros say that self-service data analysis offers a significant competitive advantage over traditional methods.

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Here Come the Memory Wars

20 May, 2016

New classes of memory-based storage are pushing the economics of data infrastructure.

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Building Scale into the Private Cloud

18 May, 2016

Ultimately, the scale of the private cloud comes down to a matter of what is necessary, not what is achievable.

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Virtualization Hits the Enterprise Comfort Zone

17 May, 2016

It looks like the virtualization industry will sustain itself going forward by shoring up its installed base rather than finding new deployments.

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Pushing the Envelope in Data Center Design

16 May, 2016

It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when data infrastructure is no longer bound by physical practicalities.

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Data Availability: Will It Ever Be Good Enough?

13 May, 2016

In an age of continuous integration/continuous deployment, is anything less than 100 percent uptime acceptable anymore?

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Containers Verging on the Mainstream

11 May, 2016

While the initial results are encouraging, there is very little data as to how containers perform in real-world production environments.

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The Right Kind of Flash, or No Flash at All?

10 May, 2016

Many organizations are still eager to maintain their own storage infrastructure based on high-speed Flash systems.

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Goodbye Dev/Ops, Hello Dev/Ops 2.0

09 May, 2016

Is the bloom already falling off the Dev/Ops rose in the enterprise?

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Momentum Builds for Another Try at Utility Computing

06 May, 2016

With the advent of cloud computing and fully virtualized infrastructure, the foundation for utility computing is finally in place.

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Going Cloud-Native: Equal Parts Platform and Practices

04 May, 2016

How does cloud-native differ from normal cloud, hybrid cloud and all the various other cloud iterations that have already come forward?

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Facing Reality: Most Enterprises Will Have to Deploy IoT Infrastructure on the Cloud

03 May, 2016

In a way, the IoT brings the enterprise industry back to its roots: massive infrastructure churning away on massive data loads to hopefully make sense of complex systems and processes.

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Planning for the Data Center Future

02 May, 2016

In the rush to get on the cloud, deploy Big Data and remake the IT department, it’s worth it to stop and think where we want to be in a few years.

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Pushing and Pulling Containers into the Enterprise

29 Apr, 2016

Containers won’t emerge as a true enterprise solution until they prove themselves in production environments.

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Migration Services Help Simplify the Cloud

27 Apr, 2016

Migration will continue to draw increased development activity aimed at making cloud adoption less burdensome for the enterprise.

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The Where, When and Why of Hyperconvergence

26 Apr, 2016

The transition to hyperconvergence will be gradual and measured, rather than frantic and disruptive.

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Is It Time to Consider Open Source?

25 Apr, 2016

Do you want someone else to bear the brunt of provisioning and optimizing your data environment, or do you want the freedom to do it yourself?

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