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The Enterprise Data Center: Can It Last in the Cloud?

01 Jul, 2015

Today’s infrastructure will be worthy of TLC for some time, but it will have to share an ever-larger portion of the budget with the emergent cloud.

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Data Center Evolution: Getting Hotter and Wetter

30 Jun, 2015

It appears that IT is near the inflection point between fear of water and the need to support advancing architectures.

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Shifting the Cloud Debate to a Higher Plane

29 Jun, 2015

With the cloud, we seem to be diverging from the usual pattern, or at least the process is being drawn out due to the radical and fundamental way it affects the entire data stack, and the entire business model.

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IBM and the Long Game: Cooperation, not Dominance

26 Jun, 2015

By diversifying itself across a range of disciplines and then resisting the temptation to dominate everything it touches, IBM is setting itself up for the long game.

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Hyperscale and the Average Enterprise

24 Jun, 2015

Pure-play hyperscalers like Google and Facebook are crafting their own abstract data and management stacks atop ODM hardware while enterprises and cloud providers are relying on traditional channels to devise solutions for their own ends.

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Are Containers and VMs Destined to Be Together?

23 Jun, 2015

Container supporters say that concerns over management and security are not different from the ones that arose in the early days of virtualization.

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Optimizing the Hybrid Storage Environment

22 Jun, 2015

Storage is no longer about capacity alone. Speed, agility and flexibility are equally important, which means Flash will play a prominent role in the emerging data ecosystem.

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Look Forward with Your Hybrid Cloud

19 Jun, 2015

Remember that all data infrastructure solutions are a means to an end, so it is important to keep your ultimate goals in mind when pursuing any one strategy.

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Can the Enterprise Thrive Without Infrastructure?

17 Jun, 2015

The enterprise’s responsibility for the physical layer will diminish and the success or failure of any given business model will rest on virtual and application-layer prowess.

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Should We Celebrate Reaching 70 Percent Server Utilization?

16 Jun, 2015

Improving server utilization will continue to be a work in progress for some time, but right now, a 70 percent ratio is a glass that is more than half full.

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Selecting the Right Kind of Cloud

15 Jun, 2015

The transition from the cloud as state-of-the-art technology to the cloud as a standard piece of the data ecosystem is part of its natural technological evolution.

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Waste Not, Want Not: It Works for Heat, Too

12 Jun, 2015

Many data centers have used innovative solutions to cut energy costs and reuse the massive amounts of heat created by their servers.

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Is It Time for the Data Center OS?

10 Jun, 2015

In today's world, a data center operating system may be the only way to realize the dream of an application-centric enterprise.

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CSGs: The Literal Gateways to the Cloud

09 Jun, 2015

Organizations struggling to support data and applications generated by new mobile platforms and the Internet of Things are probably ripe for a cloud storage gateway or two.

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Getting a Handle on This Dev/Ops Thing

08 Jun, 2015

Dev/Ops does have the capability to be truly transformative, but it will take a concerted effort to ensure that the transformation is for the better.

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The Growing Importance of Asset Management

05 Jun, 2015

Asset management will be more about driving business processes, either by increasing productivity or finding opportunities that even long-time data and resource managers did not know existed.

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Implications of the All-Flash Data Center

03 Jun, 2015

Those who argue that the all-Flash data center is the end-all of enterprise storage are forgetting that data requirements evolve along parallel and often contradictory paths.

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Enterprise Architecture: The New Sphere of Creativity

02 Jun, 2015

Architects need to start thinking of themselves as map-makers and leave the exploration to others, particularly as their course takes them out of the traditional data center.

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Steer Clear of the Single-Provider Cloud Environment

01 Jun, 2015

When you consider today's Big Data, collaborative workflows and data mobility, a single-provider cloud infrastructure makes no more sense than a single-vendor data center.

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Real Tools to Manage Shadow IT

29 May, 2015

The industry has started to see a trickle of actual solutions that enhance the enterprise’s ability to get a handle on shadow IT.

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