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Pushing and Pulling Containers into the Enterprise

29 Apr, 2016

Containers won’t emerge as a true enterprise solution until they prove themselves in production environments.

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Migration Services Help Simplify the Cloud

27 Apr, 2016

Migration will continue to draw increased development activity aimed at making cloud adoption less burdensome for the enterprise.

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The Where, When and Why of Hyperconvergence

26 Apr, 2016

The transition to hyperconvergence will be gradual and measured, rather than frantic and disruptive.

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Is It Time to Consider Open Source?

25 Apr, 2016

Do you want someone else to bear the brunt of provisioning and optimizing your data environment, or do you want the freedom to do it yourself?

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Some Speed Bumps on the Road to Big Data, IoT

22 Apr, 2016

Big Data and IoT have the potential to affect quite significant changes, but first they have to make their way into existing production environments.

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Can HDDs Make It in the Cloud?

20 Apr, 2016

It may be that the hard disk has some shelf-life in the new digital economy, but only if manufacturers take their eyes off the enterprise applications of the past and train them on the cloud functions of the future.

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The Hybrid Dilemma: Where to Put Your Applications

19 Apr, 2016

At some point, organizations will have to determine for themselves what services should exist over the wide area and what should stay at home.

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Skirting the Limits of Moore’s Law

18 Apr, 2016

Performance in data center gains cannot be maintained by shrinking the processes on the die for much longer.

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Building a Successful Hybrid Cloud

15 Apr, 2016

There is a lot to be said for the hybrid cloud, but that doesn't mean it's trouble-free. Here are some risks and benefits.

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The Opportunities, and Challenges, of Big Data in the Cloud

13 Apr, 2016

The cloud is an invaluable tool when it comes to Big Data, but it's by no means the trouble-free environment that die-hard supporters claim it to be.

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Keeping Pace with an Increasingly Cloud Infrastructure

12 Apr, 2016

The cloud is drawing the bulk of enterprise data activity, but spending on traditional data infrastructure has a way to go before it fades completely.

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The Edge in the Age of IoT

11 Apr, 2016

If you have not yet taken steps to shore up the edge for the IoT, you’re already way behind the curve.

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To Save Energy, Limit Your Conversions

08 Apr, 2016

Reducing the number of power conversions in the data center is a sure-fire way to improve performance and lower costs.

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In-Memory Storage: When Speed and Scale Are of the Essence

06 Apr, 2016

Placing scalable memory as close to processing as possible will undoubtedly be the go-to solution in the coming years.

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Defining the Intelligent Enterprise

05 Apr, 2016

How smart will our systems and subsystems be, and exactly what will they be able to do for us?

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Is It Time to Go Cloud-Native?

04 Apr, 2016

Cloud-native apps take on an entirely different development philosophy than their data center counterparts in order to capitalize on the distributed nature of cloud resources and the presence of highly automated, service-oriented operating environments.

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Integration: The Key to Successful DCIM

01 Apr, 2016

The holy grail of enterprise management is a single pane of glass that allows operators to monitor and control every aspect of the data environment.

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Managing the SDDC

30 Mar, 2016

The software-defined data center offers the ability to create more magic in the data ecosystem, but more mischief as well.

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In Defense of the Private Cloud

29 Mar, 2016

For those who need to keep vital functions close to home, a private cloud can provide optimal performance and ease of management with low overhead.

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Is Now the Right Time for Dell to Drop Its Consulting Group?

28 Mar, 2016

Since almost every industry is in the grips of a digital transformation, it seems that demand for consulting services is about to go through the roof.

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