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The Green Data Center: Trying to Hit a Moving Target

24 Oct, 2014

Great strides can be made in improving the energy consumption-to-data productivity ratio, and that can help to support burgeoning demands for data and data services.

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New Platforms Bring Public vs. Private Clouds into Focus

22 Oct, 2014

The sheer number of options when it comes to cloud services and infrastructure is mind-boggling, so the roadmap to a successful cloud environment is far from clear.

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Visibility: The Real Challenge Behind Cloud Management

21 Oct, 2014

The enterprise needs to embrace the cloud in order to remain competitive, but many also fear potential security issues.

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In Search of a Cloud Worthy of the Enterprise

20 Oct, 2014

Vendors and providers are falling over themselves to tap into the lucrative market for cloud-based infrastructure and application services.

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Time for IT to Take File Sync and Sharing Seriously

17 Oct, 2014

Enterprise file sync and share provides a more stable, secure benefit to business and can be better leveraged to enhance worker productivity.

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Automation: Avoiding the Two-Edged Sword

15 Oct, 2014

Like virtually everything else in the data center, automation is neither good nor bad. It could produce a well-oiled data machine, or it could muck things up big time.

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Enterprises Challenged by Storage Diversity

14 Oct, 2014

The future of storage will likely include integrated, modular solutions featuring a combination of on-server Flash and mixed SSD/HDD storage environments.

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More Breakups Ahead for the Tech Industry?

13 Oct, 2014

After two major tech companies announced breakups, tech analysts begin to predict other companies that might follow suit.

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Is Consolidation Right for Every Enterprise?

10 Oct, 2014

Pushing loads onto fewer and fewer pieces of hardware may be cheaper, but is there an inherent risk in reducing the number of physical points of failure in the enterprise?

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Developing the Proper Cloud Strategy

08 Oct, 2014

Going forward, the novelty and excitement that has fueled the cloud will diminish, but its value as a data platform will increase.

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Are Two HPs Better for the Enterprise?

07 Oct, 2014

HP is attempting to separate its PC and printer businesses into separate entities so that each may be better prepared to weather stormy technology times.

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Global Footprints Require Global Storage

06 Oct, 2014

Emerging data trends have forced IT to to extend storage resource connectivity across distributed architectures while maintaining centralized control.

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Government IT Consolidation: A Project Long Overdue

03 Oct, 2014

The largest employer in the world has had to build and maintain digital infrastructure of gargantuan size in order to keep all those people connected.

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Consumer-Grade but Enterprise-Class: Can IT Have Both?

01 Oct, 2014

As the business world becomes steeped in 21st Century applications like file sync and collaboration, expect reliance on consumer infrastructure to grow.

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Why Predictions for the End of the Data Center Are Premature

30 Sep, 2014

Cloud news coverage makes it seem like everyone is leaving the data center behind, but many CIOs conclude that it's not the right infrastructure for every application.

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Is the Enterprise Ready to Take Up ARMs?

29 Sep, 2014

When it comes to web-facing, hyperscale environments, the gains for ARMs could be significant.

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On-Server Flash: More than Just Memory

26 Sep, 2014

The name of the computing game is speed, and one way to achieve it is to put Flash modules directly on the server to boost storage array performance.

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Hyperscale for Everyone? Not Quite

24 Sep, 2014

Though hyperscale architectures garner a lot of attention these days, they are not all created equal and may not fit every use case.

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HP and EMC: A Sign of the Times?

23 Sep, 2014

Is this our economic system at work, weeding out inefficiencies in business models that are about to be out-classed by changing times anyway?

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Cloud Strategies: Planning for Successful Outcomes

22 Sep, 2014

Because the cloud represents an entirely new foundation for the broader digital ecosystem, the challenges we can’t see yet are likely to be significant.

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