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VMware: First Among Equals in the Cloud?

27 Aug, 2014

VMware is the top dog when it comes to data center virtualization, but the company still has to walk a fine line between market dominance and tyranny.

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Today’s Decisions Influence the Cloudy Future

26 Aug, 2014

The enterprise has been the driver of technology that eventually winds up in the hands of consumer, but in the last decade, we’ve seen that paradigm turned upside down.

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Deconstructing Docker: Should VMware be Worried?

25 Aug, 2014

Docker is pushing a new containerized approach to basic server virtualization that some say could drive new levels of performance and system flexibility.

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IT's Big Data Challenges Extend Beyond Size

22 Aug, 2014

We’re still in the initial phase of Big Data implementation, so it’s easy to let imaginations run wild, but Big Data analytics will be a major economic force over the next decade.

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Yin and Yang: Big Data and the Cloud

20 Aug, 2014

It’s been said that Big Data and the cloud go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but it looks like more symbiosis is at work here than meets the eye.

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The Enterprise in an App-Driven Universe

19 Aug, 2014

The enterprise is having to deal with app performance expectations from users. But users don't consider that enterprise apps can't compete with consumer app performance.

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The Rational Route to the SDDC

18 Aug, 2014

The software-defined data center is very much still in the conceptual stage, so there's no need to rush into adoption.

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Hardware Failure: Time to Lighten Up a Little?

15 Aug, 2014

Failure is still an issue to be dealt with, but if properly planned for, it no longer has to be a crisis.

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Cloud Wars: The Enterprise Strikes Back

13 Aug, 2014

The smart money is on those who can tightly integrate their platforms and services with legacy enterprise infrastructure.

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First Lesson in the Cloud: You’re Never Truly Ready

12 Aug, 2014

There are many pitfalls on the way to the cloud, and it will be the rare enterprise that doesn’t encounter a fair number of them.

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The Virtual Journey Is Not Over Yet

11 Aug, 2014

New tools and techniques emerge to deal with the problem of resource contention, but at heart it can be solved only by proper management.

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Clarifying the Renewable Energy Movement

08 Aug, 2014

Using energy credit swap programs does increase clean energy usage, but it doesn't mean a data center is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

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Performance Degradation: Is Your Data Center Over-Engineered?

06 Aug, 2014

Even supposedly high-performance solutions like Flash memory can have a dark side when surrounding infrastructure is over-engineered.

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The Increasingly Diverse World of Storage

05 Aug, 2014

From tape to disk to solid state, not to mention DAS, SAN/NAS and StaaS, the only constant in the storage industry has been change.

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VDI on the Upswing Again?

04 Aug, 2014

A virtual desktop stands a very good chance at becoming an integral component of the new mixed-client environment.

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The Enterprise and the IoT

01 Aug, 2014

The IoT does not mean that the way both infrastructure and data processes are managed and operated will need to be updated.

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Microservers Targeting Specific Enterprise Workloads

30 Jul, 2014

Microservers' small size and low power consumption means they can be used to build highly dense architectures without breaking space limitations or power envelopes.

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The Changing Data Center Climate

29 Jul, 2014

Recognition is growing that infrastructure choices should no longer be driven strictly by current problems of today, but by the opportunities that lie ahead.

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To Scale Is the Answer. The Question Is How.

28 Jul, 2014

Achieving scalability is not simply a matter of deploying the latest cloud or virtual technology, but a holistic endeavor that encompasses a wide range of systems, processes and organizational attributes.

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Moving Toward a More Modular Future

25 Jul, 2014

A modular solution may not be optimal for all use cases, but when it comes to ramping up infrastructure quickly and easily, it’s hard to find a better one.

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