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Collaboration Improving in On-Premises Infrastructure

24 Nov, 2015

For enterprises that are anxious to keep some data safely within the firewall, the good news is this no longer comes with the penalty of diminished collaboration.

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The Cloud: It’s All About How You Use It

23 Nov, 2015

The cloud is an indelible facet of IT infrastructure these days, but how the enterprise chooses to leverage it is still very much up in the air.

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With Options Galore, How to Choose the Right Cloud

20 Nov, 2015

Companies are taking greater care to select the right cloud for the right workload.

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Software-Defined Infrastructure: At Least the End-Game Is Clear

19 Nov, 2015

The advent of virtualization, cloud computing, open systems and, most importantly, the economic imperative to implement a software-defined paradigm, at least makes it possible for enterprise executives to envision a future IT that is markedly better than the one we have today.

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In Search of a More Enterprise-Friendly Container

17 Nov, 2015

Development within a containerized environment is undoubtedly a lot of fun, but it won’t last unless it serves the needs of the enterprise as well.

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Sizing Up the Internet of Things

16 Nov, 2015

The amount of new ground that needs to be broken in order to bring the IoT from the test bed to full production environments is substantial, more so than virtually every other technology initiative we’ve seen so far.

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Making the Most of DCIM

13 Nov, 2015

Organizations responsible for infrastructure will have to figure out not only the best means of deploying and supporting the technology but the best way to leverage the information it provides.

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Fostering Real-Time Performance Across Cloud, Big Data and Mobile Infrastructure

11 Nov, 2015

The biggest inhibitor of real-time performance in the cloud is the distance between data and processing points. Long-haul networks are lightning fast these days but, as in the case of financial transactions, even a few seconds can end up costing millions.

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ARMs, GPUs, CPUs: The Growing Diversity of Data Center Chip Architectures

10 Nov, 2015

The data center is only as effective as its silicon allows it to be, and with data architectures becoming increasingly specialized, it is only natural that they would require unique hardware capabilities.

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Is It Time to Ditch the Storage Array?

09 Nov, 2015

Ultimately, the choice over storage will come down to application requirements: high-speed, high-performance solutions for emerging mobile apps, broad scalability and flexibility for Big Data, and massive capacity for the archives.

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When to Use a Bare-Metal Cloud

06 Nov, 2015

A bare-metal cloud is not the future of IT infrastructure but more a branch off of the main evolutionary path from physical to virtual and advanced distributed architectures.

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IT Turns to Hyperconvergence, But Is It Right for All Occasions?

04 Nov, 2015

The siren call of hyperconvergence is being heard across the IT landscape.

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The Enterprise in the New Cloud Order

03 Nov, 2015

It’s clear that there will be no enterprise in the emerging digital economy that does not leverage the cloud.

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Dell and the Sum of Its Parts

02 Nov, 2015

Dell will undoubtedly have a role to play in emerging data infrastructure, but if investors and the user community do not fully understand where the company is today and where it intends to go in the future, they are not likely to embrace Dell systems and platforms as fully as they would otherwise.

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As Infrastructure Gets Denser, Liquid-Cooling Looks Better and Better

30 Oct, 2015

Despite superior cooling capabilities compared to traditional forced-air, liquids can still be tricky to work with.

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Blades Giving Way to More Modular Infrastructure

29 Oct, 2015

Blade servers were the first to show enterprise executives the potential of dense server configurations, but it seems that the density limits of the initial designs are no longer sufficient for emerging workloads.

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Emerging Data Infrastructure: Better, but Still Problematic

28 Oct, 2015

The future data center will be better in many ways than the fragmented, physical infrastructure of today, but it will not be without difficulties.

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Apple in the Enterprise: Is It Real This Time?

27 Oct, 2015

If it can find fertile new ground in the enterprise, it will be well-positioned to emerge as the company to beat, or to emulate, as data architectures transition to the 21st Century digital economy.

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Converged Infrastructure Is on the Upswing

23 Oct, 2015

Converged infrastructure is best viewed as the foundation for forward-looking data environments rather than a more convenient, efficient way to support legacy applications.

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Managing Containers in the Cloud

21 Oct, 2015

With containers, you gain a highly efficient means to mix and match a wide variety of services and microservices in support of emerging data initiatives.

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