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Microservers Targeting Specific Enterprise Workloads

30 Jul, 2014

Microservers' small size and low power consumption means they can be used to build highly dense architectures without breaking space limitations or power envelopes.

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The Changing Data Center Climate

29 Jul, 2014

Recognition is growing that infrastructure choices should no longer be driven strictly by current problems of today, but by the opportunities that lie ahead.

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To Scale Is the Answer. The Question Is How.

28 Jul, 2014

Achieving scalability is not simply a matter of deploying the latest cloud or virtual technology, but a holistic endeavor that encompasses a wide range of systems, processes and organizational attributes.

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Moving Toward a More Modular Future

25 Jul, 2014

A modular solution may not be optimal for all use cases, but when it comes to ramping up infrastructure quickly and easily, it’s hard to find a better one.

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The Enterprise in the Digital Economy

23 Jul, 2014

The digital economy opens up the possibility of a stateless environment where resources can be dispersed on a global scale.

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Seeing Storage Through the Clouds

22 Jul, 2014

Storage is emerging as a highly dynamic growth market for both hardware and software solutions.

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Hyperscale and Programmable: What’s Not to Like?

21 Jul, 2014

Top-tier enterprises like Google and Facebook have led the hyperscale movement by speccing out their own hardware largely stripped of the bells and whistles that accompany most channel solutions.

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Mixing It Up in the Storage Farm

18 Jul, 2014

In today's enterprise environments, diversity of storage is increasing and it does so even more  dramatically once the cloud is brought in.

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Embracing the Self-Service Cloud

16 Jul, 2014

Self-service provisioning will definitely be a step up for enterprise productivity, but it can be a double-edged sword.

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Cloud Pricing and the Validity of ‘Bezos’ Law’

15 Jul, 2014

It’s up to the CIO to make sure that a tasty-looking lure like low pricing and easy provisioning is truly fulfilling, not simply hiding a hook that turns the enterprise into someone else’s meal.

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The Future of Software Licensing Looks Cloudy

14 Jul, 2014

Identifying exactly how and where software is used becomes far more complicated once third-party infrastructure is added to the mix.

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The Growing Diversity of Data Center Design

11 Jul, 2014

A key driver in the expanding diversity of data centers is the fact that data equipment must no longer remain in close proximity to users.

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Convergence and Hyperconvergence: Assessing the Difference

09 Jul, 2014

Hyperconvergence is a novel approach to encroaching infrastructure challenges, but it isn't a catch-all solution for the enterprise industry.

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The Turnkey Cloud: No Longer an Oxymoron

08 Jul, 2014

A turnkey system provides a quick introduction to an integrated cloud environment with room for fine-tuning later.

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Still Some Life in Traditional Data Infrastructure

07 Jul, 2014

Are we on a one-way street to a utility-style, all-cloud data center? Not hardly, at least not yet.

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On the Cusp of a New Data Environment

04 Jul, 2014

Many new technologies are changing data environments, but there is no clear consensus on how they will change the data center.

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The Many Faces of the Hybrid Cloud

02 Jul, 2014

If ever there was a time to look before you leap in IT infrastructure deployment, the hybrid cloud is it.

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Silicon Photonics: Computing Reimagined?

01 Jul, 2014

More is going on in the inner workings of hardware these days that could kick the entire computing industry into even higher gear.

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New Flash, a Lot Like the Old Disk

30 Jun, 2014

The more that Flash vendors aim to make their products palatable to the enterprise, the more disk-like they become in their functionality.

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Denser and Hotter: The Case for Liquid Cooling in Scale-Out Architectures

27 Jun, 2014

As the data loads go up, the enterprise needs every tool at its disposal to lower costs, and that includes innovative ways to keep operating temperatures under control.

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