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Embrace, Don’t Fight, Digital Transformation

09 Feb, 2016

The digital transformation will produce changes not only to the technical aspects of modern commerce but the processes and business models.

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Some Novel New Ways to Improve Air-Cooling

08 Feb, 2016

Technology appears to be catching on as the enterprise strives for higher performance on denser hardware footprints.

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Future Still Bright for Hardware

05 Feb, 2016

The precipitous decline in enterprise hardware spending has not materialized, even though the form and function of that hardware is changing.

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Trusting the Cloud for Mission-Critical Workloads

03 Feb, 2016

If the cloud is implemented correctly, the result can be a strong, vibrant data infrastructure that spans internal and external resources.

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The Ups and Downs of the IoT

02 Feb, 2016

No one can say exactly how the IoT will manifest itself fully, but it is fair to say it won’t be business as usual for IT for very much longer.

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The Data Center as a Commodity

01 Feb, 2016

As more enterprises at large gravitate toward cloud and colocation solutions, we are starting to see the data center itself treated as a commodity.

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A New and Divergent SAN Market

29 Jan, 2016

There are those who say the cloud will bring about the end of the SAN in the enterprise, but this is not exactly true.

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Does VMware Have a Post-Merger Future?

27 Jan, 2016

If VMware does prove to be the linchpin for the hybrid cloud, then today’s unease could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Commodity Infrastructure

26 Jan, 2016

Simply putting the hardware and software in place is not enough to make a go of commoditized data infrastructure.

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Why Taking the Cloud-First Approach Makes Sense

25 Jan, 2016

Ultimately, cloud-first motivates the enterprise to gravitate toward what works best, rather than what leverages yesterday’s infrastructure.

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The Cloud: A New Way to Conduct Business

22 Jan, 2016

The real measure of the cloud is how it will alter the things we do, not the resources we use to do them.

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New Thinking in Data Lake Design

20 Jan, 2016

Even organizations that are well-versed in data warehousing realize that building infrastructure for the so-called “data lake” is a completely different ballgame.

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Putting the Cloud Pricing Wars in Perspective

19 Jan, 2016

The cost per VM is of little consequence to an enterprise that is venturing into the cloud for the right reasons and with the right set of expectations.

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Enterprise Still Unclear on Storage

19 Jan, 2016

There is not much in the way of unified thought when it comes to storage, so the enterprise will have to do its best to define its own needs.

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Striving for Balance Between Data and Power

15 Jan, 2016

At some point we should all take stock of the way we use our valuable data resources and decide if the benefit is really worth the cost.

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Big Data Is Almost Here, So Why Is Storage Demand Lagging?

13 Jan, 2016

It would seem that enterprises of all sizes should be scrambling to boost their storage capacity, but the market is largely flat.

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Converging Your Way to a New Data Center

12 Jan, 2016

A number of converged platforms are hitting the channel that focus on specific functions like virtual desktops, Exchange Server, SAP and even container-based workloads.

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There’s Money in the Cloud, But Is It Enough?

11 Jan, 2016

To their credit, all of the top players are rapidly shifting their business models over to the cloud, but the degree of success they will have is still very much up in the air.

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Turning Analytics on the Data Center

08 Jan, 2016

An increasingly analytics-based infrastructure management stack is all but inevitable in the enterprise.

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Big Developments on Small Processors

06 Jan, 2016

The most far-reaching advancements in the data center continue to reside on the micro-architecture level.

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