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Hardware in a Software-Defined Universe

28 Sep, 2016

It is tempting to think of a world where the enterprise can simply ignore bare-metal provisioning, since all the real action is taking place on the virtual layer or above. But this would be a mistake.

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Cloud Storage: Getting Ready for Production Environments

27 Sep, 2016

The enterprise employs multiple types of storage, so while the cloud has proven adept at supporting non-critical data for archival and backup purposes, it faces challenges with active, production-level workloads.

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Get Ready for the Talking Data Center

26 Sep, 2016

What will life, and work, be like in an automated environment, and how will humans interact with the intelligent systems that are managing the bulk of the operational workload?

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Where Will the SDDC Take the Enterprise, and How Quickly?

23 Sep, 2016

Creating the SDDC will be no walk in the park, but working in one should be a snap compared to today’s complex infrastructure.

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Automation: It’s All About the Workflow

21 Sep, 2016

Automation technology is quickly coming of age and the enterprise needs to prepare for it or risk losing out to automated rivals.

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The IoT: First the Deployment, then the Integration

20 Sep, 2016

The IoT is leading many enterprises to confront key challenges before developers have had a chance to work them out.

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Storage Transition, Not Disruption

19 Sep, 2016

Does software-defined storage really portend massive disruption in the data center?

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The Cloud: New Infrastructure for a New Enterprise

16 Sep, 2016

A look at the way in which digital services will be created, managed and utilized as the cloud becomes the new normal.

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Expectations vs. Reality: Will the Real IoT Please Stand Up?

14 Sep, 2016

Expectations for the IoT are that it will transform not just IT and enterprise data operations, but business models, and the economy.

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The Never-Ending Journey to the Agile Enterprise

13 Sep, 2016

The enterprise is taking the first steps on a perpetual journey to improve operations, enhance value to customers and owners, and remain relevant in a world where relevancy is as ephemeral the latest mobile app.

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Meet Workload Diversity with Server-Side Storage

12 Sep, 2016

While overall hardware requirements are diminishing, the enterprise still needs to field a wide variety of storage solutions in order to provide optimal support for emerging workloads.

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Containers and DevOps: Looking Into the Fine Print

09 Sep, 2016

How do containers augment the DevOps architecture, and are there any deployment or configuration options when optimizing a working environment?

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Lifting the Veil Off Shadow IT

07 Sep, 2016

The best approach to containing shadow IT is to offer users a viable option to provision adequate resources within an approved, scalable ecosystem.

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Managing the Transition from Legacy to Forward-Facing IT

06 Sep, 2016

While everyone is anxious to move forward into flexible virtual and cloud environments, most critical business applications are rooted on legacy systems and cannot be discarded at the drop of a hat.

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AI and the IoT: Are We Truly Prepared for What’s Coming?

05 Sep, 2016

How will the world function once it has access to a global, interconnected computing environment that touches every device on the planet?

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The Cloud: Not Just Better IT, All-New IT

02 Sep, 2016

While the broad outlines of the cloud are coming into view, the exact architecture and the host’s location are still very much “up in the air.”

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A Reboot for VMware?

31 Aug, 2016

What do you do when you once held a dominant position in a lucrative market like IT but the technology revolution you started has passed you by?

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There’s More than One Way to Scale Your Storage

30 Aug, 2016

Organizations need to ramp up their data handling and storage capabilities or find themselves on the losing end of the service-based economy.

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Can the IoT Succeed Without Universal Connectivity?

29 Aug, 2016

The IoT requires the coordination of the data feeds of millions of commercial, industrial and consumer products across the globe.

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Is the Data Lake the Right Tool for Analytics?

26 Aug, 2016

The most disturbing aspect in the development of a Big Data analytics engine is not the actual infrastructure or architecture to be deployed, but the urgency with which it needs to be done.

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