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Cloud-First Works, But Only for the Right Applications

29 Jul, 2016

The cloud provides unique advantages that cannot be found anywhere else, but you still have to take care when bringing it into the enterprise fold.

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Taking the Sting Out of the DevOps Conversion

27 Jul, 2016

Transitioning from a traditional IT operating model to one based on the emerging field of DevOps is not an easy task.

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Navigating the Challenges in IoT Infrastructure

26 Jul, 2016

Many organizations are only just now starting to encounter some of the challenges associated with scaling up to IoT production levels.

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Beyond the Public-Private Cloud Divide

25 Jul, 2016

The best solution will be the one that works, not the one that is close to home or out in the field.

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Data Center Cooling Advancing on Multiple Fronts

22 Jul, 2016

A look at the most significant developments in cooling for data facilities.

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Tread Carefully into the Mission-Critical Cloud

20 Jul, 2016

Not only will cloud services have to be more resilient going forward, but they will be increasingly optimized from the ground up to suit highly targeted, mission-critical processes.

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Hard Drives Are Still an Option in the Data Center

19 Jul, 2016

The battle between solid state and hard disk is over, but there is still plenty of life left in all forms of storage media.

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Confused by Digital Transformation? Welcome to the Club

18 Jul, 2016

Digital transformation is unlike technology developments of the past, primarily because it involves much more than technology.

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Big Data/IoT: Start with the Basics

15 Jul, 2016

As it is with any major project, the best way to do Big Data/IoT is to break it into smaller, more manageable components.

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Emerging Applications, and the Infrastructure They No Longer Care About

13 Jul, 2016

Infrastructure will no longer be something that must be built and managed (at least, not by the enterprise); it will just be there for the taking.

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Matching the Cloud to the Workload

12 Jul, 2016

The cloud will require careful coordination of many moving parts on the physical, virtual and application layers.

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DevOps Done Right, the First Time

11 Jul, 2016

DevOps alone will not make you agile, but it is a key enabling technology that allows for much of the continuous development and IT automation that will allow organizations to shed hands-on control of data infrastructure to focus on more productive activities.

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Maintaining Compliance on a Global Cloud

08 Jul, 2016

Seamless integration of disparate data platforms is a perennial concern, but once you cross international borders, you engage an entirely new regulatory regime that does not always provide clear-cut rules.

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Prepping for the IoT Onslaught

06 Jul, 2016

One way or another, the IoT will arrive. The enterprise has to decide whether it wants to be at the front of the curve or trailing behind.

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The Cloud Transition Is Only Just Beginning

05 Jul, 2016

Research is starting to show that the real push to cloud-based infrastructure is only just now gaining real momentum.

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Can Batteries Do More than Just Back Up?

04 Jul, 2016

Batteries can provide a crucial bridge between the vagaries of renewable supplies and the demand for always-on data.

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Keep Cool, and Carry on to Hyperscale

01 Jul, 2016

The need to sufficiently distribute heat in hyperscale facilities has led to innovative approaches, many involving some form of liquid cooling.

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Transitioning to a Digital Enterprise

29 Jun, 2016

Companies like Uber have made it clear what will happen to organizations that do not embrace digital transformation.

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The Big (and Small) Picture of Data Center Automation

28 Jun, 2016

It’s becoming evident that machines will be more adept at day-to-day monitoring and management than people.

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Maintaining Control of Flexible, Distributed Storage

27 Jun, 2016

Storage is a good example of the catch-22 that most enterprises find themselves in these days: The easier you make things for users, the tougher it gets for managers.

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