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The Need for Real-Time Big Data Across the Enterprise

28 Aug, 2015

With Big Data, it isn’t so much the size of the volumes that should be causing consternation but the speed at which they need to be ingested and analyzed.

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The Data Center in the New Digital Economy

26 Aug, 2015

The enterprise is being forced into a series of tough decisions regarding infrastructure, architecture and technology at a time when the use case for the data center itself is undergoing dramatic change.

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Multiple Clouds Still Require a Single Backup Solution

25 Aug, 2015

The trend toward unified backup and recovery is driven largely by the rise of disparate data environments that stretch across multiple clouds and data platforms.

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Tapping into the Enterprise Need for Hyperscale

24 Aug, 2015

Pushing hyperscale architectures to the common enterprise market is the only logical way in which traditional IT vendors can get in on the action.

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Same Old Cloud, All New Enterprise

21 Aug, 2015

It may be tempting to view new cloud developments as the beginning of a new cloud, but the reality is that this is the same cloud that we’ve known for the past few years.

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The Enterprise in the Post-Virtualization Era

19 Aug, 2015

In the era of Big Data and real-time application performance, containers offer better support than monolithic virtual environments, and the disruptor is now becoming the disrupted.

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Who, or What, Controls the Software-Defined Data Center?

18 Aug, 2015

At this point, it seems that the only certainty when it comes to data center software is that it will have to be based on open standards.

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Mainframe Resurgence: Big Iron for Big Data

17 Aug, 2015

In reality, the mainframe was never absent from the enterprise, at least in the really large ones that need to pack substantial amounts of computing power.

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The IoT: Still a Work in Progress

14 Aug, 2015

The IoT will reshape industries and drive new business activity, but at the same time it will be shaped by the needs and desires of the digital economy that it serves.

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Changes to the Core of the Enterprise

12 Aug, 2015

Today's technological change is producing fundamental, functional changes in the enterprise and driving an entirely new economic model in the process.

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Energy Efficiency in the Data Center: More than Just a Numbers Game

11 Aug, 2015

The power equation is tricky, if only because most people outside the industry fail to appreciate the connection between the data services they demand and the energy it takes to provide them.

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Is the Hard Disk Past Its Prime?

10 Aug, 2015

A world without disk drives is still a difficult concept to grasp, but we're on the verge of a storage transition in which solid state will replace hard disk as the working medium for day-to-day enterprise apps.

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Shadow IT: Worse Than We Thought

07 Aug, 2015

A Cisco survey of data users shows that unauthorized application use in the enterprise, or shadow IT, is 15 to 20 percent higher than what most CIOs believe it is.

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Big Infrastructure, then Big Data

05 Aug, 2015

It is unlikely the enterprise will be able to craft an effective Big Data solution on its own – there are simply too many moving parts.

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Lower Cost Flash Available for the Enterprise, but Is that Enough?

04 Aug, 2015

Storage is steeped in a range of technological, architectural and operational trade-offs, with the optimal solution for one application failing utterly to satisfy the needs of another.

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The Cloud: A Market Force to Be Reckoned With

03 Aug, 2015

The cloud has changed infrastructure to be sure, but there is still a strong current of concern throughout the enterprise industry that it is not ready for mission-critical applications.

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Machine Learning in the Enterprise

31 Jul, 2015

Machine learning, neural networks and other advancements offer the possibility that enterprise data infrastructure will become more than a tool to be leveraged by business.

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New Tools to Visualize the Data Center

29 Jul, 2015

Graphic visualization of complex data environments is likely to push the role of resource management away from the specialists and into the realm of mainstream data users.

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Hyperscale, Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Ready When the Enterprise Is

28 Jul, 2015

Whether a hyperscale or hyperconverged data infrastructure is suitable for the enterprise is a question best left for those who own the data and who sign the check for the hardware.

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Is It Time for the Enterprise to Start Running the Cloud?

27 Jul, 2015

The cloud can do many things, and is the focus of much of the development taking place in the IT industry now, but that does not mean it's the right solution all the time.

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