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More Options for Multi-Tenant Clouds

04 Mar, 2015

By earmarking shared infrastructure to key data processes, the cloud becomes more attuned to the needs of the enterprise it serves.

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Confronting the Cloud Migration Challenge

03 Mar, 2015

Smoothing out the migration wrinkles is the first step in rebranding the cloud as the new standard for IT infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud: Wave of the Future or Digital Chimera?

02 Mar, 2015

If hybrid solutions don’t exhibit real progress soon, enterprises large and small may simply side with the simplicity of the public option for the bulk of their data activities.

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DAS Rules in Hyperscale, For Now

27 Feb, 2015

No matter how you arrange your storage in scale-out environments, the key element will be adequate networking.

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Will the Cloud Ultimately Push the Data Center into the Grave?

25 Feb, 2015

Full transition to the cloud likely won’t come about just because the underlying technology supports legacy enterprise applications.

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Early Signs of a Future Hardware-Defined Infrastructure

24 Feb, 2015

At the moment, most FPGAs in the enterprise are aimed at networking applications, primarily because this is where the greatest cost-benefit ratios lie.

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Does Flash Plus Intelligence Equal the New Primary Storage Tier?

23 Feb, 2015

Flash's designation as primary, secondary or otherwise won’t take place until it is provisioned within a virtual architecture.

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Can IT Evolve Beyond the Cloud?

20 Feb, 2015

The cloud is emerging as a fundamental component in the overall data stack, and it is hard to envision an environment without some form of virtualized, distributed architecture.

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Stumbling Blocks in the Transition to the Cloud

18 Feb, 2015

The benefits of cloud computing will be widely felt across the enterprise industry, but so too will the drawbacks.

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Everyone Wins in a Diverse Storage Environment

17 Feb, 2015

The enterprise will finally have access not only to the newest technologies, but the ones that provide the most favorable characteristics for the job at hand.

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Revving Up App Performance in the Cloud

16 Feb, 2015

The cloud can be a double-edge sword when it comes to app performance.

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Beyond UPS: Tips to Keep the Power Flowing

13 Feb, 2015

After all those hours listening to the server fans continuously blowing, the only sound more frightening is dead silence.

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Floodgates Starting to Open for Converged Infrastructure Solutions

11 Feb, 2015

Converged platforms should be provisioned to address specific workloads, with an eye toward both present and future needs.

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A Hybrid Cloud or a Hybrid Data Ecosystem?

10 Feb, 2015

We should focus attention on the fact that the cloud is a secondary consideration to the need to craft real-world solutions to existing challenges.

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Cheaper, Better Storage Awaits the Enterprise

09 Feb, 2015

The storage giants of today no doubt recognize the changing purchase patterns throughout the enterprise and are adjusting their portfolios accordingly.

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VMware Lines Up the Hybrid Cloud

06 Feb, 2015

VMware approaches the hybrid cloud from the opposite direction as Google, Amazon and other providers.

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The Inevitable Decline of Shadow IT

04 Feb, 2015

“If you can’t beat them, join them” certainly applies to shadow IT, but it is incumbent upon the enterprise to join them as quickly as possible.

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In-Memory Solutions: Confronting the Big Data Challenge

03 Feb, 2015

Organizations are turning to in-memory solutions as a means to provide both the scale and flexibility of emerging database platforms.

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Don’t Skimp on Hybrid Cloud Strategy

02 Feb, 2015

The cloud is complex, but as data environments become more flexible and scalable, the enterprise will be left poorer unless we take a proactive approach to its design.

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DCIM and the Scaled-Out Data Center

30 Jan, 2015

DCIM will remain a significant undertaking for the enterprise because it incorporates not just the data side of infrastructure but the facilities side as well.

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