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Is Serverless the New Container?

17 Aug, 2017

Virtualization burned up the charts until containers came along with a sleeker, more portable solution. Now, it seems that containers are headed for the 'where are they now?' category with the advent of serverless computing.

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Digital Transformation: What Lies Ahead

16 Aug, 2017

While it is fair to say that digital transformation will affect individual organizations in different ways, some of the major trend lines are starting to emerge.

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Pushing Hyperscale to the Extreme

15 Aug, 2017

By building or leasing hyperscale resources in both populated and remote areas, the enterprise gains the ability to match resources to data needs according to a wide range of requirements.

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Easing the Private Cloud’s Pain Points

14 Aug, 2017

The private cloud continues to be a conundrum for the enterprise as it seeks to reconfigure data infrastructure for the emerging digital economy.

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AI’s First Stop: The IoT Edge

11 Aug, 2017

While it is tempting to view AI in terms of the changes it will bring to the data center, the more imminent and profound impact will be on the Internet of Things (IoT).

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New Storage for a New Digital Era

09 Aug, 2017

Solid-state storage continues on a path toward greater speed and higher density, leading to an increasingly diverse set of solutions that, frankly, is starting to trend toward the unusual.

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Hardware Can Still Make or Break the Cloud

08 Aug, 2017

Hardware has always mattered in the cloud, although it is becoming less and less of a daily concern for the enterprise as increasing levels of abstraction separate applications and services from raw infrastructure.

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The Infrastructure Market Is Booming, and It’s Still Not Enough

07 Aug, 2017

Now that virtualization and the SDDC have freed data users from the confines of enterprise infrastructure, the data industry faces the same old problems on a global scale: not enough resources to accommodate the creative energies of the knowledge workforce.

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The Growing Importance of Cloud Orchestration

03 Aug, 2017

Despite lingering concerns about security, reliability and, yes, costs, the enterprise is still very eager to migrate workloads to the cloud. And not surprisingly, cloud providers are equally eager to take on enterprise workloads.

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The Shift Toward Accelerated Computing

02 Aug, 2017

While innovation has reset the bar for what’s possible throughout history, it also has had the unintended consequence of prompting mankind to immediately set a new bar.

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VMs and Containers: The Newest Enterprise Frenemies

01 Aug, 2017

Containers may be a newer form of virtualization, but all indications suggest that they will work within and alongside virtual machines even as they provide bare-metal support in key situations.

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When Real-Time Is No Longer a Luxury

31 Jul, 2017

Now that the digital world is just as important to our daily lives as the real world, we’ll need consistent, real-time performance from both.

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The Inevitable Rise of AI Washing

28 Jul, 2017

The precise definition of artificial intelligence will probably be a moving target for some time given the fact that no algorithm is likely to achieve true intelligence in a biological sense.

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Overcoming Enterprise Fears About Blockchain

26 Jul, 2017

It’s probably too soon to say definitively whether blockchain will help or hurt a given enterprise, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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Time to Rein in Cloud Storage

25 Jul, 2017

The cloud wants your data, and it is resorting to increasingly creative methods to get it.

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How Containers Are Bridging the Hybrid Cloud Divide

24 Jul, 2017

With the enterprise under the gun to do things better, faster and at less cost, it’s likely that more and more of the application and data load will migrate to the cloud at some point. Using containers, that process becomes a lot easier.

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OCI 1.0 Puts Container Interoperability Off to a Good Start

21 Jul, 2017

The container development community took a bold step forward with the release of the Open Container Initiative 1.0 standard.

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AR Starting to Tap the Workplace Comfort Zone

19 Jul, 2017

If AR does become the next big thing in the enterprise, it wouldn’t be the first technology to take hold in the workplace and then filter into consumer markets.

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Big Cloud Offers Big Opportunities for Small Providers

18 Jul, 2017

The cloud is growing and the data center is shrinking, but because data loads are becoming larger and more diverse, it appears that market opportunities for providers, platform designers and software developers are on the rise.

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IoT Orchestration Coming, But Slowly

17 Jul, 2017

Interoperability is a good first step toward full orchestration, but it will take a lot more industry cooperation to produce the internet-like level of connectivity that is required for a properly functioning Internet of Things.

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