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How DCIM Fits in the Enterprise

21 Oct, 2016

While organizations do want to reduce their energy consumption, there are limits as to how far they are willing to go to achieve results.

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In Today’s Enterprise, the Only Constant Is Change

19 Oct, 2016

The world is moving too quickly these days to remain locked in static infrastructure.

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Moving from the Cloud to Your Cloud

18 Oct, 2016

The increased demand for customization coincides with increased concern that many cloud deployments to date still leave a lot to be desired.

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Assessing the All-Flash Storage Equation

17 Oct, 2016

Flash media is increasingly supplanting disk storage in production environments.

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Data Acceleration: No Longer a Luxury

14 Oct, 2016

Many platform developers have turned their attention to data acceleration of late.

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Zombie Servers Still Haunt the Data Center

12 Oct, 2016

A single virtual server sitting idle is of little consequence, but if left unchecked, the process that led to its abandonment can put quite a damper on the ability to grow and innovate in a digital economy.

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The Rising Demand for On-Demand Resources

11 Oct, 2016

The industry is witnessing a distinct upsurge in data center on-demand (DCoD) strategies that rely on hyperconverged infrastructure, abstract data architectures and cloud computing.

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Driving More Value from the Cloud

10 Oct, 2016

Most IT shops are looking to virtualize entire computing environments on third-party resources, not just DevOps and productivity software.

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The Changing Face of Hybrid Clouds

07 Oct, 2016

The vision of the hybrid cloud is starting to look less feasible, and less desirable, as experience with real cloud architectures grows.

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The Rapid Rise of Hyperconvergence

05 Oct, 2016

HCI changes will likely involve not just the deployment and management of infrastructure but in the applications and services it supports as well.

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Containers Are Nifty, But What Are the Use Cases?

04 Oct, 2016

While deploying containers in the test bed or in limited production environments is one thing, running them at scale is quite another.

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Apple’s Latest Push into the Enterprise

03 Oct, 2016

Apple is on a renewed push to become more relevant in the enterprise and the company under Tim Cook has finally realized that it can’t go it alone.

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IoT the Quick and Easy Way – In the Cloud

30 Sep, 2016

For enterprises looking to build IoT infrastructure quickly and correctly, it would be foolish not to consider deployment on the cloud.

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Hardware in a Software-Defined Universe

28 Sep, 2016

It is tempting to think of a world where the enterprise can simply ignore bare-metal provisioning, since all the real action is taking place on the virtual layer or above. But this would be a mistake.

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Cloud Storage: Getting Ready for Production Environments

27 Sep, 2016

The enterprise employs multiple types of storage, so while the cloud has proven adept at supporting non-critical data for archival and backup purposes, it faces challenges with active, production-level workloads.

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Get Ready for the Talking Data Center

26 Sep, 2016

What will life, and work, be like in an automated environment, and how will humans interact with the intelligent systems that are managing the bulk of the operational workload?

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Where Will the SDDC Take the Enterprise, and How Quickly?

23 Sep, 2016

Creating the SDDC will be no walk in the park, but working in one should be a snap compared to today’s complex infrastructure.

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Automation: It’s All About the Workflow

21 Sep, 2016

Automation technology is quickly coming of age and the enterprise needs to prepare for it or risk losing out to automated rivals.

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The IoT: First the Deployment, then the Integration

20 Sep, 2016

The IoT is leading many enterprises to confront key challenges before developers have had a chance to work them out.

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Storage Transition, Not Disruption

19 Sep, 2016

Does software-defined storage really portend massive disruption in the data center?

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