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New Tools to Visualize the Data Center

29 Jul, 2015

Graphic visualization of complex data environments is likely to push the role of resource management away from the specialists and into the realm of mainstream data users.

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Hyperscale, Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Ready When the Enterprise Is

28 Jul, 2015

Whether a hyperscale or hyperconverged data infrastructure is suitable for the enterprise is a question best left for those who own the data and who sign the check for the hardware.

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Is it Time for the Enterprise to Start Running the Cloud?

27 Jul, 2015

The cloud can do many things, and is the focus of much of the development taking place in the IT industry now, but that does not mean it's the right solution all the time.

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Big Changes in Store for Storage

24 Jul, 2015

New market data on the storage industry is out and the news does not look good for SAN, NAS and other forms of traditional data preservation.

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Almost Here at Last: The Service-Oriented Enterprise

22 Jul, 2015

The enterprise is transitioning to a more service-oriented approach, but how quickly will this happen? And is your organization already on board?

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Applications and the Cloud: Time to Go Native

21 Jul, 2015

Perhaps the most common disconnect between the cloud and traditional infrastructure is the application.

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Getting to Know Your Cloud from the Ground Up

20 Jul, 2015

At the end of the day, IT is still responsible for ensuring the health and viability of the enterprise data environment. Passing that responsibility to a third-party provider won’t win many points.

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Does Flash Have a Shot at In-Memory Architectures?

17 Jul, 2015

While emerging forms of non-volatile RAM are likely to be the speediest solutions on the market, Flash still offers some arguable benefits.

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Welcome to the Collective: Working Toward Infinite Virtual Data Centers

15 Jul, 2015

It’s still virtual, it’s still a data center, but it is more a collection of interactive, interdependent operating entities than the uniform, and uniformly static, data environment we are used to.

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New Life on the Network Edge

14 Jul, 2015

Enterprises that hope to remain relevant in the new data economy need to start placing their trust in the digital ecosystem that is emerging beyond the data center walls.

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A Platform for Every Vertical

13 Jul, 2015

The challenge going forward is not so much architecting the right data environment for your business needs, but figuring out what those needs are and how they will change in the near future.

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Cloud Costs vs. Cloud Value: A Complicated Picture

10 Jul, 2015

The enterprise will need to think about what it really needs from the cloud and then perform a clear-eyed assessment as to whether expectations are being met at a reasonable price.

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Give Infrastructure a Break Through Better Data Management

08 Jul, 2015

Few organizations will have the option to preserve all data, plus duplicates, for much longer. The volumes will be too large, both in terms of storage and the ability to categorize, analyze and manipulate data.

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Taking a Good Look into the Cloud

07 Jul, 2015

In addition to providing a low-cost and flexible cloud, the enterprise must also ensure that it can be viewed and managed to the same degree as the local data center.

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Still Searching for the Optimal Cloud Environment

06 Jul, 2015

It’s fair to say that difficulties with the cloud usually stem from misunderstanding and miscommunication.

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Disaster Recovery in the Abstract

06 Jul, 2015

DR isn't just a matter of building the proper infrastructure. It's knowing your company and performing rigorous self-assessment to determine where the value of your data truly lies.

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The Enterprise Data Center: Can It Last in the Cloud?

01 Jul, 2015

Today’s infrastructure will be worthy of TLC for some time, but it will have to share an ever-larger portion of the budget with the emergent cloud.

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Data Center Evolution: Getting Hotter and Wetter

30 Jun, 2015

It appears that IT is near the inflection point between fear of water and the need to support advancing architectures.

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Shifting the Cloud Debate to a Higher Plane

29 Jun, 2015

With the cloud, we seem to be diverging from the usual pattern, or at least the process is being drawn out due to the radical and fundamental way it affects the entire data stack, and the entire business model.

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IBM and the Long Game: Cooperation, not Dominance

26 Jun, 2015

By diversifying itself across a range of disciplines and then resisting the temptation to dominate everything it touches, IBM is setting itself up for the long game.

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