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Mistakes Lead to Exposed Data

20 Jul, 2017

What are some of the little things you are doing that might be putting you at risk, the things that you never would have thought twice about before? You might be surprised at the ways we make our networks and data vulnerable.

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One in Four Employees Hide Security Incidents

17 Jul, 2017

IT departments and upper management need to create an environment where employees feel comfortable about admitting they made an error that creates a potential security incident.

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Difference Between SMB and Enterprise Security Goes Beyond Budgets

13 Jul, 2017

SMBs tend to focus more on protecting endpoints, while the enterprise puts an emphasis on protecting data.

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Nuclear Plants the Latest Security Target

11 Jul, 2017

Nuclear plants are in the news right now, but expect this type of news to spread through to other areas of the critical infrastructure.

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Threat Intelligence Too Often Fails to Deliver

06 Jul, 2017

Managing threat intelligence capabilities requires three important elements: the production, content and use of threat intelligence.

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Companies Do More to Prepare for Data Breaches, Employees Still Engage in Risky Behavior

05 Jul, 2017

One study showed that organizations recognize the cybersecurity problem and are taking action. Unfortunately, organizations overestimate how security-savvy their employees are.

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The Looming Crisis of Global Cyberattacks

29 Jun, 2017

Cyberattacks are often global events and it doesn’t matter where you are from, we all tend to have poor cybersecurity practices.

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Industrial Control Systems at Risk for Cyberattacks

26 Jun, 2017

So much focus is put on industries like health care and financial, for good reason. But it is clear that industrial control systems need more attention.

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Basic Security Practice Failure Leads to Massive RNC Data Leak

23 Jun, 2017

You’d think that after all the news about the DNC’s hacked and released emails and Russia infiltrating voter software and manipulating elections, the RNC would have made sure it stepped up its own security.

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IT Departments Struggle to Secure All Endpoints

21 Jun, 2017

How many endpoints are connected to your network? Can you answer that question confidently?

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New Malware Could Threaten Critical Infrastructure

19 Jun, 2017

A recently discovered malware threat could crash critical infrastructure, and it is believed this malware is what took down Ukraine’s power grid late last year.

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IT Departments Aren’t Prepared for Security Risks

16 Jun, 2017

Although they seem like a logical fit, IT and security don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. They are different skill sets, and when we ask IT to perform security jobs without having the right skills, we are going to have an organization that falls into that 74 percent unprepared for security threats.

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Not Ready for GDPR? You Aren’t Alone

12 Jun, 2017

A few security experts expressed hope that needing to be compliant for the EU with GDPR will kick-start similar compliances for the U.S.

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Out of Date Operating Systems Increase Breach Risks

09 Jun, 2017

Recent ransomware activity highlighted a very serious security problem, one that we just don’t talk about enough. That’s the use of outdated and unsupported operating systems and software.

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Financial Industry Struggles to Keep Mobile Devices Compliant

05 Jun, 2017

Organizations continue to struggle to keep up with how to keep mobile devices secure and in compliance with industry regulations. This is especially true for the financial sector.

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Make Your Employees Part of the Security Solution

02 Jun, 2017

Regular conversations with employees, asking them about their routines, and understanding how exactly they access and use information can go a long way in creating a security system to fix problems.

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Ensuring IT and Legal Are on the Same Page

31 May, 2017

The security team is supposed to make sure the network and the data accessed through that network is safe. The legal team is charged with protecting the overall business.

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Don’t Fear the Breach; Do Fear the Misinformation

30 May, 2017

Security isn’t just about endpoint protection and data breaches. We are working and living in a world without true boundaries and where misinformation meant to cause damage is spreading as quickly as real information.

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New Studies Renew Concerns of Insider Risks

25 May, 2017

It’s easy to get caught up with all of the other types of threats, but cybersecurity has to start at home, and that begins with better monitoring of the folks who have direct access to your network and data.

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Security Professionals React to Cybersecurity Executive Order

22 May, 2017

Our cybersecurity problems didn’t evolve overnight, nor will they be fixed with one EO. Time will tell how effective this is and how the administration builds on what it has begun.

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