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Data Gives Federal Agencies Pause on Cloud Adoption

26 Jan, 2015

Federal agencies are worried about what happens to data in the cloud, assuming they can get it there in the first place.

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How Chicago Solved Its Open Data Dilemma

23 Jan, 2015

Data news this week includes Chicago's Open Data ETL Utility Kit and a partnership between Talend and Hortonworks.

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Data One Way to Add Revenue from IoT, Says Capgemini

22 Jan, 2015

Emerging business models for the IoT focus on monetizing all that data.

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U.S. Ranks Second in Study on Countries’ Open Data Efforts

21 Jan, 2015

A study shows that fewer than 8 percent of the 86 countries surveyed publish data sets on government budgets, spending and contracts as open data.

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Majority Rank Cloud BI on Par or Better than On-Premise Tools

20 Jan, 2015

While organizations often find that the cloud makes it easier to add external data, cloud-based BI can encounter problems when dealing with legacy system data.

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Want a Big ROI for Big Data? Use Hadoop to Drive Real-Time Automation

19 Jan, 2015

Wikibon CTO David Floyer has a plan for obtaining a decent ROI on Big Data, and it involves Hadoop and inline analytics.

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Cloud Architect: Integration Is No Reason to Avoid SaaS

16 Jan, 2015

In the early days, integration with legacy IT systems was a problem for SaaS, but now, APIs have largely resolved integration.

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Five Resources to Help IT Solve Cloud Integration

15 Jan, 2015

The business wants IT's help with integrating cloud apps. That's no surprise to IT.

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Study Finds Integration Tops List of IoT Hurdles

14 Jan, 2015

A new study found more than 80 percent of firms agreed that IoT solutions are the most strategic technology initiatives for their organizations in a decade.

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Forget Privacy and Traffic: Here’s Why We’re Not Ready for the IoT

13 Jan, 2015

The data deluge is a multi-pronged problem for businesses.

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Tackling the Unstructured Data in Big Data

12 Jan, 2015

There's a lot of value hiding in unstructured data, including social media, customer call transcripts, emails and other text-based or image-based files.

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Two Integration Trends That Could Challenge IT in 2015

09 Jan, 2015

This week in data news, integration trends for the year, Big Data investments and midsize IT data skills gaps.

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Why CIOs Will Want Data Lakes

08 Jan, 2015

The argument continues over whether data lakes are truly manageable.

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Hadoop Needs to Grow Up

06 Jan, 2015

Most organizations don’t know how to leverage the potential of Hadoop.

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How to Make Data Quality a Habit in the New Year

30 Dec, 2014

Once you’ve established a habit, you will often perform it without even thinking about it.

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2015: The Year of the ‘Data Hangover?’

29 Dec, 2014

Data quality isn’t quite as exciting as NoSQL databases or social media, but life can’t always be a Big Data party.

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Four Data Gifts We Hope Santa Brings

25 Dec, 2014

If we data professionals could make a list for Santa, what items would be on it? Loraine Lawson makes an educated guess.

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Where Will Data Integration Work Go as IoT Takes Off in 2015?

24 Dec, 2014

If the past is a predictor of the future, we can expect that the IoT will take off in 2015, and then we’ll spend 2016 unraveling the data problems.

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Cloud Computing Enables Powerful, New Data Use Cases

23 Dec, 2014

Instead of focusing on the challenges of cloud integration, it may be time to look at some of the successes that have been achieved.

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From Four to 400: How Many Steps Does It Take to Become a Data Scientist?

22 Dec, 2014

Building up data and analytics literacy is a crucial task right now, but how to do it?

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