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From Four to 400: How Many Steps Does It Take to Become a Data Scientist?

22 Dec, 2014

Building up data and analytics literacy is a crucial task right now, but how to do it?

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Informatica’s Strongest Revenue Growth in Cloud

19 Dec, 2014

In the data world this week, Informatica shows revenue growth in the cloud, government data center consolidation, and Cisco data analysis.

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How to Turn Open Data into Real Money

18 Dec, 2014

The common caveat with open data is that it’s an unholy mess requiring time and money to clean up, but that is not true of all types of open data.

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Managing the Data in Software-Defined Data Centers

17 Dec, 2014

What do SDDCs mean for the data, in terms of usability, access and analytics? They could possibly increase productivity and business agility.

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Curious About Data Virtualization? Tool Lets You Tinker for Free

16 Dec, 2014

Denodo Express offers a free, unlimited download with renewable license for companies to tinker with data virtualization.

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Five Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in Predictive Analytics

15 Dec, 2014

Predictive analytics deals with identifying trends and relationships that are less linear and it often leverages less traditional data sources than BI, such as social media data.

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Round-Up: 2015’s Top Integration Trend, In One Word

12 Dec, 2014

The demand for agility, collaboration and better data-flow governance will lead to companies upgrading their B2B integration tools.

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Data Drives Growth, New Hires, Middleware Spending and Crazy Talk

11 Dec, 2014

Ipsos Public Affair polled more than 1,500 executives and decision makers across the U.S. and E.U. on the importance of data analytics.

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Why Watson Analytics Won’t Win Jeopardy, But Might Win Small Businesses

10 Dec, 2014

Analysts chime in on their results with the public beta of IBM's Watson Analytics tool and how it might benefit SMBs.

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Report Offers Big Data Starting Point for Nine Retail Challenges

09 Dec, 2014

Bricks Meets Clicks took a more unusual approach to their survey, by opting to focus on clarifying how Big Data can help.

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The First Step to Winning at Analytics: Know Your Starting Point

08 Dec, 2014

Start with the foundational analytics.

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Cloud, Hadoop and Tableau Among Factors that Boost Data Job Salaries

05 Dec, 2014

The O’Reilly 2014 Data Science Salary Survey is a fascinating report, particularly the section showing the regression model of total salary.

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The Four Plagues of the Coming IoT Datapocalypse

04 Dec, 2014

It’s pretty clear that there are more questions than answers about the IoT, particularly when it comes to handling the data.

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Operations Leader Says Integration Top Barrier to Big Data Adoption

03 Dec, 2014

A recent survey backs up what one expert in the trenches believes: Integration is still holding back Big Data success.

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Do Data Lakes Need a ‘Refinement Layer?’

28 Nov, 2014

The term is very new, and possibly undefined, but bears watching as technologists think through data lake usage.

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Three Reasons Businesses and Everybody Else Should Be Grateful for Data

27 Nov, 2014

When you sit down to dinner, give thanks for lots of things, but maybe include a few innovations that may make the data industry more successful.

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Would You Know If You Were Fumbling Data Governance? Here’s Your Sign

26 Nov, 2014

Some data governance programs are miscalculating badly.

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Revealed: Application Company’s True-Life Cloud Integration Story

25 Nov, 2014

AppDynamics is an application intelligence company that builds solutions that leverage cloud applications within a hybrid environment.

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Should You Move Data or Not? New Solution Lets You Choose as You Go

24 Nov, 2014

Metanautix tries to use similar flexible data capabilities as larger scale companies to create a solution that's easy to deploy and manage in a traditional enterprise.

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This Week’s Two Big Data Power Plays

21 Nov, 2014

Teradata announced a partnership with MapR this week, but some wonder how this will affect the Hortonworks IPO.

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