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A Tale of Two Data Analytics Success Stories

23 Oct, 2014

One company with a bottleneck and one city with a crime problem found success in data analytics projects.

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Teradata Shows How Improving Integration Can Lead to Better Business Alignment

22 Oct, 2014

Teradata's pushing "data fabric," or connecting multiple systems and retaining flexibility.

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How an IoT Smart Device Is Expanding British Gas’ Business Model

20 Oct, 2014

British Gas' Hive Active Heating smart home device allows customers to control their energy use via a smartphone or mobile device.

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Emerging Trend: Data Scientist as Humanitarian Worker

17 Oct, 2014

Data companies are joining DataKind in providing data scientists to work with organizations to help find efficiencies toward vaccine delivery and poverty eradication.

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Where Is the Data in the Fight Against Ebola?

16 Oct, 2014

Both Big Data and mobile data are helping health care organizations pinpoint where to send necessary help, and when to send it, to fight Ebola.

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Cost of Data Breaches Raises Questions About ‘Fragmented Integration’

15 Oct, 2014

A study connects two well-known factors in data breaches, governance and security, to questions about IT’s integration strategy.

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Does Salesforce Have the Integration Hoodzpah to Back up Wave Hoopla?

14 Oct, 2014

The recent launch of Salesforce Wave seems to be a marketing success, but time will tell if the product can really deliver.

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Industrial Companies Say Big Data Analytics Top Priority

10 Oct, 2014

Executives feel pressure to adopt Big Data analytics, and soon.

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Is ROI a Bad Way to Measure Analytics Success?

10 Oct, 2014

Focusing on ROI is an old standby for IT, but when it comes to data, it’s just not an appropriate measurement.

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Internet of Things Data Poses New Challenges for Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics

08 Oct, 2014

The problems become more complicated when you consider one major use case for IoT data: predictive analytics.

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A Five-Step Strategy for Developing Business-Savvy APIs

06 Oct, 2014

It may be time to rethink how APIs are developed as more established companies use APIs to open up and integrate existing enterprise apps.

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Integration Tools Help Push Data Quality, Integration to Business Users

03 Oct, 2014

As organizations become more data driven, tools are being developed to help business users take a more active role in data governance.

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Why Your CMO Worries About Data Integration

02 Oct, 2014

A survey by Teradata found that in the move toward more "digital marketing," customer satisfaction is the goal and data integration is the barrier.

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The Open Payments Controversy: A Case Study in Open Data Problems

01 Oct, 2014

The controversial release of the Open Payments database as part of the ACA is at issue for both what the data may show and how it is shown.

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Why It’s Dangerous to Leave Business Experts Out of Predictive Analytics Projects

30 Sep, 2014

Predictive analytics often suffers from an age-old issue: lack of alignment between IT and the business divisions who rely on such analytics.

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How Predictive Analytics Is Improving Student Retention in Higher Ed

29 Sep, 2014

When it came time to set the IT department’s improvement goals, VP of IT Bill Thirsk decided to use a data-driven approach to reducing course drop-out rates.

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Big Data Is Bigger in North America

26 Sep, 2014

While Big Data experienced international growth last year, North America led with a 9.2 percent jump in the past year.

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Beware Integration Pitfalls as Businesses Head to Cloud for BI/Analytics

25 Sep, 2014

A new analytics market survey shows that more organizations have plans to adopt cloud analytics, but integration problems could arise.

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Reasons Business Users Are Embracing Data Governance

24 Sep, 2014

Slowly, data governance is moving into the hands of business users, who are becoming stakeholders with a vested interest in data.

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The New Data Quality Tool: Crowdsourcing, Externally or Internally

23 Sep, 2014

New crowdsourcing companies can help provide quality data by collecting and validating data from online sources.

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