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Ace Hardware Moving Slowly Toward Big Data, But Pace Is Accelerating

21 Oct, 2014

The data architect from Ace Hardware discusses his company's use of various data technologies as it moves toward using Big Data.

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Prezi May Help Avoid Inflicting ‘Death by PowerPoint’ During Presentations

16 Oct, 2014

Prezi presentation software allows users to create a zoomable canvas upon which to present their information in more of a story format.

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Startup SteelBrick Aims to Plug CPQ Hole in Ecosystem

13 Oct, 2014

The SteelBrick startup is working to seal up a gap in's ecosystem with its configure, price, quote (CPQ) product.

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How to Overcome Bias in the IT Hiring Process

10 Oct, 2014

If you’re reading this, you’re human, and as a human, you’re necessarily biased.

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Should You Succumb to the Allure of Joining a High-Tech Startup?

06 Oct, 2014

A director from a successful executive search firm gives insight into the pros and cons of considering jumping into a startup company.

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Presentation Skills Linked to Career Success, Survey Finds

02 Oct, 2014

A study revealed that nearly 10 percent of workers would call in sick to get out of a presentation, even though presentations are considered critical to career success.

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Another Foreign Female Tech Entrepreneur Succeeds ‘Against All Odds’

29 Sep, 2014

Born in India, residing in Singapore, Redicka Subrammanian has brought her tech company's customer engagement services to the U.S.

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A View of iPhone 6, Apple Watch from Down Under

25 Sep, 2014

Australian app development company Appster's CEO gives his views on the latest iPhones and Apple Watch.

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Can a Job Hopper Be a Good IT Talent Investment?

23 Sep, 2014

Recent research suggests that having a history of job-hopping doesn’t necessarily mean that a candidate would be a bad hire.

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Study: Men More Likely Than Women to Lose Devices with Sensitive Company Data

18 Sep, 2014

A study by TeamViewer found that 60 percent of employed men say that they are likely to lose a device with sensitive data on it.

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India Retains Status as World’s No. 1 Offshoring Destination, Study Finds

16 Sep, 2014

A recent report by A.T. Kearney reveals that the top offshoring destination is in India, followed by China in second place.

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A Former Female Lieutenant Governor on Working in a Male-Dominated Environment

11 Sep, 2014

Jennifer Carroll speaks very honestly about working with and around the good old boys, being a team player and seeing that strategy fail, and how to focus on positive steps toward success.

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‘Vanished’ Foreigners in U.S. on Student Visas Raise IT Job Concerns

09 Sep, 2014

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it has lost track of more than 6,000 foreign nationals who have come to this country on student visas.

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Female CEO on Business Culture: ‘Life’s Too Short for a Bunch of …’

04 Sep, 2014

PeopleFoundry CEO and Founder Michelle Joseph acknowledges challenges in female leadership, but prefers to maximize the advantages, to benefit her employees and clients.

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Female Tech CEO on Quest to Dispel Myths About IT

02 Sep, 2014

A female CEO discusses IT myths and stereotypes along with gender imbalances in the world of  IT services.

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IT Staffing Firm Taps Pool of Older IT Workers to Fill Big Data Roles

28 Aug, 2014

Collabera staffing firm has begun looking into the current base of skilled IT workers to fill Big Data IT positions.

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Female Entrepreneur Forges New Model to Recruit Tech Talent

26 Aug, 2014

CEO of PeopleFoundry explains their new tech recruiting model that cuts down the price of paying to find solid tech talent.

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Service Targets In-Demand Tech Pros Who Are Open to Being Poached

22 Aug, 2014

Poachable's CEO Tom Leung says his first idea in the recruitment and hiring space went nowhere. But connecting skilled IT pros with jobs is a winner.

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Password Manager RoboForm Rebuilds Reputation After 2010 Upgrade Fiasco

19 Aug, 2014

Password management company, RoboForm, botched an upgrade in 2010 that severely damaged company reputation, but it finally got its ranking back.

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Study Spotlights Disconnect Between IT, End Users in Higher-Ed Sector

15 Aug, 2014

The corporate world isn’t the only place where IT and end users aren’t doing a particularly stellar job of collaborating to create optimal IT services for their organizations.

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