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An Inside Look at One CEO’s Working Relationship with His CIO

26 Nov, 2014

Datalink President and CEO Paul Lidsky explains how he works with relatively new CIO Dave Brady, who does not report directly to him, at least on paper.

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In an Era of Hybrid Everything in IT, Enter the Hybrid CIO

24 Nov, 2014

In a world where everything seems to come in a hybrid form, the idea of a hybrid CIO isn't so far fetched, says one CEO.

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How Physicians Are Driving Data Analytics Advances in Health Care

19 Nov, 2014

Data expert explains the upcoming role that physicians are playing in the growth of Big Data and analytics in health care.

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Integration Hurdles Await Cloud Adopters, CompTIA Study Finds

17 Nov, 2014

The further you move along the adoption progression, the more difficult it becomes.

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Tech Startup Ties Fortunes to Obamacare

14 Nov, 2014

Voice is the ACA-inspired vehicle that kick-started CipherHealth.

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Tech CEO Shares Tips on Hiring Qualified Developers

12 Nov, 2014

First tip: Look for hungry developers, rather than star developers.

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Notice to IT Pros: You’re Being Judged on Your Presentation Skills

10 Nov, 2014

IT professionals, who are at the forefront of championing advances in the application of technology in any number of pursuits, are decidedly old-school when it comes to presenting information.

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Why Tech Certifications Trump Tech Experience

05 Nov, 2014

President of a cloud-based skills certification platform gives his opinions on why certifications are still valuable in the IT realm.

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Teradata Responds to Customer’s Candid Assessment of Where Improvement Is Needed

03 Nov, 2014

One Teradata customer identified areas of concern, and Teradata responds in detail to those issues.

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New Layers of Gender Inequity Surface in Tech Sector, Research Finds

29 Oct, 2014

A report from Catalyst shows an even more surprising picture of the challenges women face working in the tech sector.

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How Ebola Could Spur Health Care Sector into Data Analytics Action

27 Oct, 2014

An all-hands-on deck response would break down data-sharing barriers and shift the data-analytics focus from “blocking and tackling” to true innovation.

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Women ‘Need to Be Willing to Try,’ Female Tech CEO Says

23 Oct, 2014

Revel Systems Co-Founder and CEO Lisa Falzone says she has encountered surprises in hiring good people, dealing with VCs and making herself heard.

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Ace Hardware Moving Slowly Toward Big Data, But Pace Is Accelerating

21 Oct, 2014

The data architect from Ace Hardware discusses his company's use of various data technologies as it moves toward using Big Data.

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Prezi May Help Avoid Inflicting ‘Death by PowerPoint’ During Presentations

16 Oct, 2014

Prezi presentation software allows users to create a zoomable canvas upon which to present their information in more of a story format.

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Startup SteelBrick Aims to Plug CPQ Hole in Ecosystem

13 Oct, 2014

The SteelBrick startup is working to seal up a gap in's ecosystem with its configure, price, quote (CPQ) product.

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How to Overcome Bias in the IT Hiring Process

10 Oct, 2014

If you’re reading this, you’re human, and as a human, you’re necessarily biased.

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Should You Succumb to the Allure of Joining a High-Tech Startup?

06 Oct, 2014

A director from a successful executive search firm gives insight into the pros and cons of considering jumping into a startup company.

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Presentation Skills Linked to Career Success, Survey Finds

02 Oct, 2014

A study revealed that nearly 10 percent of workers would call in sick to get out of a presentation, even though presentations are considered critical to career success.

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Another Foreign Female Tech Entrepreneur Succeeds ‘Against All Odds’

29 Sep, 2014

Born in India, residing in Singapore, Redicka Subrammanian has brought her tech company's customer engagement services to the U.S.

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A View of iPhone 6, Apple Watch from Down Under

25 Sep, 2014

Australian app development company Appster's CEO gives his views on the latest iPhones and Apple Watch.

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