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Progress Software CTO Speaks Out on Need for Immigration Reform

24 Apr, 2014

CTO Karen Tegan Padir discusses H-1B visas, university graduates, and the need for U.S. immigration reform in terms of tech workers.

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Why Android Has the Edge over iOS in BYOD Battle

22 Apr, 2014

The secret to BYOD success lies in the technology that’s used to enable the user’s business and personal personas to coexist on the device.

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Representing Tech Clients, from Steve Jobs to Infosys: Musings of a PR Chief

17 Apr, 2014

Fred Cook, CEO of Chicago-based global PR firm GolinHarris, shares his PR insights on tech giants such as Steve Jobs and Oracle.

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Female CTO Shares Advice for Young Women Entering IT

14 Apr, 2014

Karen Tegan Padir, CTO of Bedford, Mass.-based Progress Software, says women need to expect to have to work harder than men.

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IT Job Functions Evolve as Cloud, Other Transformative Technologies Emerge

11 Apr, 2014

Five new IT job functions are crystallizing as the shift toward maximizing the potential of cloud computing and software-defined data centers progresses.

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HCL ‘Reinvents’ App Support with Proactive Focus, Reduced Costs

09 Apr, 2014

HCL's managed services framework, ALT ASM, was a response to customers’ demands for lower ASM costs—but the firm added a lot more.

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Citrix Systems’ Top Recruiter Shares Insights on Tech Talent Acquisition

07 Apr, 2014

A recruiter from Citrix Systems shares her thoughts on which tech positions are most difficult to fill.

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Internal Cultural Shift at PwC Yields Advice for Motivating Millennials

03 Apr, 2014

PwC is using its own lessons learned in rethinking the way it connects with its employees to advise other companies on how to engage and motivate millennial workers.

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Big Data, Intrusion Detection Top List of Hot Skills, IT Staffing Exec Says

01 Apr, 2014

An IT staffing executive tells which IT skills are in demand and which may be over-hyped.

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Cloud-Based Labor-on-Demand Services Expand Beyond IT Tasks

26 Mar, 2014

The stable of service providers vying to uncomplicate the management of freelancers alongside full-time IT staf is expanding, as is their focus.

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A Female Author’s Advice for Women: Stop Whining and Do Your Job

24 Mar, 2014

Author Lori Ann LaRocco has zero patience for crusading female authors in general.

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Why IT Professionals Should Embrace the Power of Paradox

20 Mar, 2014

In IT, it's important to appreciate all mindsets and embrace the paradoxes around logic and creativity.

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PwC Predicts Uptick in International M&A Activity, Cloud-Driven Deals

19 Mar, 2014

The focus is on software deals, around cloud, mobility and big data analytics.

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MyCrowd Lets You Hire, Manage Freelancers Without Leaving Your App

17 Mar, 2014

MyCrowd aims to become an aggregator of freelance talent, and to make that talent accessible to employers in a convenient and seamless way.

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Computer, Other Basic Skills Lacking, Many Job Seekers Admit

12 Mar, 2014

A new survey shows that a surprisingly high percentage of job seekers in the United States feel woefully ill-prepared in even the most basic skills.

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CompTIA Aims to Become Key Resource for Women in IT

10 Mar, 2014

Aims to encourage young women and girls to make the IT profession a preferred destination of their career paths.

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Are Female and Male CEOs Wired Differently?

07 Mar, 2014

Some posit that women are inherently more collaborative.

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How Millennials and Their Workplaces Have Changed in 10 Years

05 Mar, 2014

Author Alexandra Levit explains her take on millennials and their biggest challenges in the workforce today.

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Becoming a Doctor and a Software Entrepreneur Along Parallel Paths

03 Mar, 2014

Learn how and why one man managed to complete medical residency while learning to code and creating a software company.

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Mitigating the Compliance Risk of Misclassifying Contract Workers

28 Feb, 2014

The IRS has gotten even more aggressive in conducting audits of companies to ensure they’re in compliance with worker classification laws.

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