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Leadership Lessons for IT Professionals from an Iraq War Hero

26 May, 2016

A war hero shares insight that can only arise from those who have overcome unfathomable obstacles.

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How Germany’s SAP Managed to Secure Classified U.S. Government Business

24 May, 2016

SAP NS2's president and CEO talks about the company's interesting backstory.

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ReviveAds Tool Blocks Ad Blockers

20 May, 2016

For a cut of the digital publisher’s advertising revenue, ReviveAds will install a script on the publisher’s site that blocks the blockers.

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Seven Interviewing Tips to Identify Entrepreneurism in Job Candidates

16 May, 2016

Entrepreneurial spirit is indicative of self-confidence, adaptability, and devotion to an end goal.

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Where Digital Transformation, Leadership Intersect

11 May, 2016

The one thing companies most frequently get wrong when undertaking a digital transformation has to do with leadership.

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Former Facebook Tech Exec Talks About Her New Role at Startup

09 May, 2016

Stockpile makes it possible to invest in the likes of Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Google and Coca-Cola by simply purchasing a gift card for the stock.

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CIOs Need to Reset Their Priorities

05 May, 2016

There is a “transformational shift” happening that underlies the need for a lot of CIOs to reset their priorities.

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Why ‘Digital Transformation’ Is All About Changing the Way You Think

03 May, 2016

How do businesses that were started before the Internet need to adapt and change in order to thrive in the digital age?

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How On-the-Job Training Can Bolster Gender Diversity in an IT Organization

27 Apr, 2016

A look at how Randstad Technologies got creative in regard to bolstering gender diversity in the workplace.

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Accommodating Cultural Nuances in a Global HR Software Deployment

25 Apr, 2016

When choosing performance evaluation software, many HR organizations overlook the cultural element.

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Female Chief Digital Officer Shares Insights on Gender Issues in Tech

21 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer shares her experience as a female in such a high-profile technology role.

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‘Away from Control’ Dimension of 3D Printing Raises IP, Other Concerns

19 Apr, 2016

Difficult issues need to be resolved in order for 3D printing to become mainstream.

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Life in the Entrepreneurial Fast Lane with a Female Tech CEO

14 Apr, 2016

A female tech CEO answers the question of why women tend not to give themselves as much credit as they should.

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Chief Digital Officer Sees Role as Critical for Competitive Advantage

12 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer defines her role and what it means for the IT organization.

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Research Shows Gender Skills Gap Is a Fallacy, Female CEO Says

07 Apr, 2016

Research conducted by DDI debunks the myth that men and women tend to have different workplace skills.

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Intellectual Property Lawyer Sees 3D Printing as a Game-Changer

05 Apr, 2016

A 3D printing evangelist talks about some of the advantages, and biggest impediments, of the adoption of 3D printing.

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CEOs Share Valuable Lesson: Be Careful When You Hire

28 Mar, 2016

Company executives address their far-reaching hiring mistakes.

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Millennials May Not Be More Tech-Savvy Than You

21 Mar, 2016

A senior organization development consultant at Oracle debunks some generational stereotypes.

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Life as a Domain Name Registrar in a World of Internet Bad Guys

16 Mar, 2016

We talk with Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu about the trials and tribulations of operating as a domain name registrar.

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Research Findings on Millennials: Helpful Data Points or Harmful Stereotypes?

14 Mar, 2016

Jessica Kriegel, senior organization development consultant at Oracle and author of a new book, says the focus needs to be on effective management of millennials.

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