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Advice for New CIOs: Direct Traffic or Risk Getting Run Over

01 Apr, 2015

Diana Bersohn, managing director of Accenture Strategy, addresses the fact that CIOs tend to have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite, and what CIOs can do to change that.

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CIO or CTO: Which One Will Survive the Cloud and Keep a Seat at the Table?

27 Mar, 2015

One tech CTO provides an intriguingly candid assessment of the current and future roles of the CIO and the CTO as they change in the face of the cloud.

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Ten Tips on How to Get That Employee to Admit His Wrongdoing

24 Mar, 2015

A management skill rarely discussed is having the difficult conversation about a sensitive event and drawing out the truth.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Money to Try to Motivate Your Employees

18 Mar, 2015

Employees are each motivated differently, so one type of bonus or monetary incentive won't inspire every worker in the company.

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Competitors Vie for Mindshare as Microsoft’s SharePoint Hits Snags

16 Mar, 2015

Axero Solutions' Communifire and Bitrix24 think they each have the right set of features for real-world customers.

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A Glimpse into the Operations of an Israeli Software Engineering Team

13 Mar, 2015

Nubo Software's CEO explains his philosophy on flat organizational structures and motivating development teams with fascinating work.

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11 Tips on How to Move Beyond Networking to True Collaboration

11 Mar, 2015

Psychologist Nancy O'Reilly explains her theory on connecting with others by creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

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Failure to Analyze Data from Negative Online Reviews Is a Wasted Opportunity

09 Mar, 2015

Instead of ignoring online negative reviews, more companies need to address the issue and improve the customer's experience.

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WhatsApp Surge Spotlights Need to Address BYOD Security

05 Mar, 2015

IT departments need to educate users about the security and privacy risks such apps raise, and provide them with a secure, enterprise-ready alternative.

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CIOs Need to Partner with Marketing to Stay Relevant, CEO Advises

03 Mar, 2015

IT has some catching up to do on the marketing front.

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The Importance of Inserting ‘Small Data’ into the Big Data Discussion

27 Feb, 2015

Small data, such as CRM data, is a decision-making starting point, says a Preact exec.

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Should SMBs Be Relying More on the Cloud to Help Manage HR?

26 Feb, 2015

One company executive explains why more SMBs can trust the cloud to supply important HR management functions.

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Extreme Winter Weather Highlights Need to Prepare for the Unexpected

25 Feb, 2015

After a harsh winter, many organizations need to rethink their business continuity/disaster recovery plans. One expert gives tips on what to include.

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Advice for Laid-off IT Pros: Don’t Diminish the Importance of References

20 Feb, 2015

Advice on selecting the right references and understanding what types of questions might be asked of them.

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Secret to Enforcing Network Security Lies in Simplifying Its Enforcement

17 Feb, 2015

CEO of Untangle explains how making security easier to enforce allows the company to benefit from a more secure network.

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Disaster Recovery High on List of IT Pros’ Concerns, Study Finds

13 Feb, 2015

A recent study shows that one of the top three things that keep IT leaders awake at night is disaster recovery planning.

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Security, Privacy Lapses Stem Largely from Lack of Enforcement, Study Finds

09 Feb, 2015

According to a study by Ponemon and Zimbra, 44 percent of organizations fail to properly enforce security and privacy protocols.

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Metro Areas with the Best STEM Job Opportunities May Surprise You

05 Feb, 2015

WalletHub personal finance company recently released its findings from its study, "2015's Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals."

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Benefits of Open Source Go Well Beyond Cost Savings, IT Pros Say

03 Feb, 2015

A large majority of IT pros prefer open source over proprietary software, not only because of cost, but because of continuity, control and quality considerations.

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UK Provider Brings Hybrid Cloud Subscription Service to U.S. Market

29 Jan, 2015

Zynstra offers a 'lifeline' to SMBs ahead of Windows Server 2003 end of support.

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