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How to Tackle Communication Problems in a Multigenerational Workplace

23 Jul, 2014

In workplaces with as many as four generations struggling to communicate with each other, even simple exchanges can result in misunderstandings that can create serious problems.

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When the Sales Team Needs BI Tools, the IT Group May Be the Last to Know

21 Jul, 2014

Line of business users often directly seek out data and business intelligence tools, and IT needs to be aware of these needs that are not being fulfilled with other solutions.

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App Performance Testing Continues to Generate Excitement, at Least Among Vendors

18 Jul, 2014

BlazeMeter has launched FollowMe, a cloud-based performance testing platform that it says is a big deal because it obviates the laborious process of writing scripts.

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Female Tech Exec Has a Message: ‘We Were Born This Way’

16 Jul, 2014

Carol Snell, boardroom executive for Push Technology, gives her views on how women fit in the world of tech.

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A Chief Analytics Officer Speaks Out on Recruiting, Retaining Analytics Talent

14 Jul, 2014

A chief analytics officer discusses finding and retaining top data talent in today's data-centric world.

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Circumventing the IT Department: ‘It’s Kind of a Given’

10 Jul, 2014

When business units are directly seeking IT products and services, and they are, what are IT's options?

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Found: A Woman Who Actually Sits on a Tech Company’s Board

08 Jul, 2014

Carol Snell, a Silicon Valley boardroom veteran who joined the board of Push Technology, talks about women in the boardroom.

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Female Tech Exec’s Advice for Women: Assert Yourself and Scrutinize Right Back

27 Jun, 2014

Tech exec Kira Makagon gives women advice on starting a business and moving up within the ranks of tech companies.

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Four Reasons Why Companies Fail in Web App Performance Testing

25 Jun, 2014

Appvance CEO Kevin Surace says back-loaded testing schedules, unrealistic reliance on code and other screw-ups are all too common.

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Staffing Exec Offers Tips for Recruiting Millennial IT Talent

23 Jun, 2014

Millennials are looking for flexible working hours, constant collaboration, quick movement up the organizational ladder, and a cool city to live in. That's all.

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Who Knew Web App Performance Testing Could Stir Such Passion?

20 Jun, 2014

Kevin Surace gets excited about his new venture, Appvance, a Web app performance testing company.

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How Immigrant Women Are Blazing a Trail in Technology Careers in the U.S.

18 Jun, 2014

Kira Makagon, executive vice president of RingCentral, explains what she feels helps immigrant women excel in STEM careers.

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Why You Need to Allow Your IT Systems to Be Hacked (by the Good Guys)

12 Jun, 2014

When you start listening to the experiences of white-hat service providers, like Secure Ideas, you come to understand how vulnerable every system is.

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Female Entrepreneur’s Advice to Other Women: Go It Alone

10 Jun, 2014

Two main pieces of advice from experience: Avoid business partners and do what it takes to be tech-savvy.

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Is Interest in Green Data Center Operations Waning?

06 Jun, 2014

According to a recent survey, 61 percent of companies do not measure their power usage effectiveness (PUE).

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CEOs, Not CIOs, Drive Data Center Decisions, Study Finds

04 Jun, 2014

A study by Forrester Consulting found that data center purchasing decisions are more likely to be made by the CEO than by the CIO.

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Snowden’s Reemergence Refocuses Spotlight on Insider Threat in IT

02 Jun, 2014

Two security experts explain what CIOs can do to prevent what happened to NSA from happening in their organizations.

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Next Generation of IT Security Pros Will Be Data Analysts, Expert Says

29 May, 2014

The reason companies aren’t finding data breaches earlier is that they lack the data analytics talent necessary to do so.

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Should the CIO Report to the Chief Marketing Officer?

27 May, 2014

Learn what one expert has to say about the evolution of the CIO’s role in a business world that’s being transformed by social media.

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China a Key Contributor to Tech IPO Surge, PwC Says

21 May, 2014

According to a PwC study of 26 tech IPOs valued at over $40 million filed in Q1, 11 of those companies were Chinese.

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