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Is Your Security Plan in Order for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

26 Nov, 2014

You would think that retail outlets would have been stepping up the security game.

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Yet Another Blow to Password Security

24 Nov, 2014

Citadel trojan is now creating serious doubt about the security of passwords and password management systems.

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Staying Ahead of Shadow IT

20 Nov, 2014

Of particular concern is cloud security, where both end users and IT staff are to blame for rule-breaking behavior.

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Lost Devices Cause 68 Percent of Health Care Data Breaches

17 Nov, 2014

The health care industry is the most susceptible to data breaches.

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Recently Discovered Bug Affects All Versions of Windows Since Windows 95

13 Nov, 2014

Microsoft has released a patch for a recently discovered vulnerability that affects every version of Windows since 95.

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Darkhotel Malware Specifically Targets Executives

12 Nov, 2014

Darkhotel is employing techniques that are different from what is usually seen.

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Third-Party Breach of Home Depot Also Highlights Risks of Email Theft

10 Nov, 2014

We tend to hand our email address out too routinely, and we need to rethink that.

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WireLurker Marks New Era in Apple Malware

06 Nov, 2014

Palo Alto Networks has discovered a new malware bug that targets Mac OS X and iOS.

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Rethinking Security Education

03 Nov, 2014

As security threats rise, the lack of skilled security professionals continues at a pretty steady pace.

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Russian BlackEnergy Malware Story Hidden by White House Breach

30 Oct, 2014

Malware that has attacked entities outside the U.S. has been found on networks of  U.S.-based SCADA industrial control system suppliers.

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Threats Increase, but Security Planning Falls Behind

29 Oct, 2014

One of the most disconcerting facts about the state of cybersecurity on the business front came via a Software Advice study.

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Majority of Mobile Malware Attacks Focus on Financial Gains

27 Oct, 2014

Sixty percent of the attacks on Android devices involve financial malware.

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Twitter Rethinks Authentication and Access

23 Oct, 2014

Twitter announces the use of Digits, an authentication company, to change the way users log in to the microblogging site.

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Cloud Adoption on the Rise, While Cloud Security Attitudes Remain Mixed

20 Oct, 2014

One common thread is that business leaders want to adopt cloud computing, and they are going to move forward, whether or not good security plans are in place.

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SSL Encryption Bitten by POODLE

16 Oct, 2014

The vulnerability needs to be taken very seriously, but is really a good reminder of the importance of always using smart security practices.

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Dairy Queen Admits Breach Weeks After Speculation

13 Oct, 2014

As point of sale breaches are happening almost weekly at this point, what are system providers doing to alleviate the risks?

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Reminds Us to Practice Better Security Habits

09 Oct, 2014

Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, this is the 10th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we’ve never needed it more.

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Consumers Are Growing Tired of Data Breaches

06 Oct, 2014

Recent surveys show that consumers are fed up with lax security and are weary from the ongoing saga of security breaches.

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FDA Takes Steps to Improve Medical Device Security

02 Oct, 2014

The FDA has finally released recommendations for medical device manufacturers on providing security to mitigate risk of hacking.

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Why We Should Recognize Usernames as a Security Risk

29 Sep, 2014

It is time to focus as much on the risk of usernames as we do passwords. Are your employees using the same usernames for business and personal use?

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