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Is Your Website Failing to Keep Customers’ Data Secure and Private?

29 Jun, 2015

OTA analyzed approximately 1,000 websites in three categories: consumer protection, privacy and security.

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Two-Factor Authentication: Better Than Passwords But Still Not Foolproof

25 Jun, 2015

Already, criminals have developed a spear phishing attack that bypasses two-factor authentication methods on mobile devices to gain access to email accounts.

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Government Fails Miserably at Cybersecurity

24 Jun, 2015

Every industry is failing miserably at cybersecurity, but no industry is as bad at cybersecurity as our government.

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LastPass Breached Again. Is This a Trend?

22 Jun, 2015

LastPass has been breached. Again. For at least the third time now since 2011. At what point is something an anomaly and at what point is it a trend?

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Cardinals and Astros Strike Out on Security Practices

18 Jun, 2015

Ten months of Astros’ internal trade talks were leaked online last year, which sparked the investigation.

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Cybercriminals Are Getting Rich from Our Security Failures

15 Jun, 2015

The 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report puts some big numbers on the profitability of ransomware and exploit kits for hackers.

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Cloud Apps Failing at Security of Sensitive Data

11 Jun, 2015

Two studies point to cloud apps as a particular pain point for security breaches, and health care data as a big target for theft.

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Alternatives to Passwords: What’s on the Horizon?

09 Jun, 2015

Let's be realistic. We're screwed with all these passwords. Experts discuss what really has to be done, and whether we're willing to do it.

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Latest Federal Government Breach Shows Lack of Security, Changing Tides of Data Theft

08 Jun, 2015

The OPM breach is just the latest, and perhaps most damaging because of the vast amount of data that could be compromised, incident within the federal government.

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Apple Security: The Good News and the Bad News

04 Jun, 2015

Apple is experiencing several security vulnerabilities, while its CEO discusses the need for more encryption tools and consumer privacy.  

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Recent Intellectual Property Lawsuit Reveals the Serious Nature of Insider Threats

01 Jun, 2015

A lawsuit between two fitness tracker companies shows how much is at stake when employees jump to a competitor with intellectual property in hand.

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My Reaction When My Personal Information Was Compromised

28 May, 2015

When Sue Poremba's personal information was compromised in a cyberattack on Penn State's networks, she was left with a lot of questions and few answers.

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IRS the Latest in a Growing List of Repeat Security Breach Victims

27 May, 2015

The IRS revealed this week that hackers used its transcript service to breach the data on 100,000 U.S. taxpayers.

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Like Everything Else, Bots Are Going Mobile

25 May, 2015

Bot developers, like humans, are moving from traditional platforms to mobile, and we should expect to see those numbers grow in the coming year.

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Router Vulnerability Highlights IoT Security Risks

21 May, 2015

SEC Consult has identified a vulnerability in NetUSB, which could allow hackers to exploit routers and other IoT devices on the network.

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SMBs Ignore the Risks of BYOD

20 May, 2015

Perhaps part of the problem is that no one seems sure about who is in charge of security.

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Millennials Have Different Attitude About Security than Older Co-Workers

18 May, 2015

Perhaps the biggest difference between boomers and millennials is how well one generation understands technology and security compared to the other, as well as the general attitudes.

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The VENOM Vulnerability: Is Its Name Scarier Than Its Bite?

14 May, 2015

VENOM is a zero-day vulnerability that breaks down the isolation across virtual machines hosted on QEMU-based hypervisors, but do experts think it's truly dangerous?

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IT Professionals Aren’t Sure Who Controls Data in the Cloud

11 May, 2015

A survey conducted by Perspecsys shows just how far we have to go, especially when it comes to understanding where and how data is protected in the cloud.

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Multiple Studies Show Just How Much Companies Struggle with Security Procedures

07 May, 2015

As business has become increasingly digital, information security has become a key area of operational risk, but many companies still don't take it too seriously.

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