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The Rise of Retail Breaches

18 Sep, 2014

You have to be living under a rock to not notice that retail breaches are happening with alarming frequency.

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Android Browser Bug Puts Privacy at Risk

17 Sep, 2014

The old Android AOSP browser contains a bug that can be exploited, so users with Jelly Bean-based devices should be aware.

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Saks Incident Highlights Real Risks of Insider Threats

15 Sep, 2014

The Saks insider breach is a wakeup call that we have to worry just as much about the inside as we do about watching for attacks from the outside.

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Hiding Malware in Short-Life Websites

11 Sep, 2014

A whopping 71 percent of Web host names, approximately 470 million out of 660 million unique names, are only meant to last for 24 hours. This is by design.

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The Many Layers of the iCloud Hack

08 Sep, 2014

Experts across the security industry say multiple failures in strategy led to this breach, and Apple isn't doing enough.

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Why Businesses Should Pay Attention to the Home Depot Breach

04 Sep, 2014

If you run a business where credit and debit cards are used as a form of payment, you should care about the Home Depot breach for several reasons.

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Questions Surround Presumed Dairy Queen Data Breach

01 Sep, 2014

Rumblings of a Dairy Queen data breach reveal the tricky relationship among franchises, parent companies and network security.

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J.P. Morgan Admits Network Breach Despite Claims of Layered Security

28 Aug, 2014

No matter how many layers of defense, IT security knows the hackers are going to get in one way or another. It is a matter of catching them quicker.

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How Security Experts View the Current State of Information Security

27 Aug, 2014

A survey at the Black Hat Security conference reveals what areas IT security experts find are most neglected in the enterprise.

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Gartner: Companies Are Spending More on Security

25 Aug, 2014

Business leaders recognize the need to increase security budgets, but must be sure to apply the extra money to the areas that will do the most good.

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Tis the Season for University Malware Attacks

21 Aug, 2014

Security issues on colleges tend to get swept under the media carpet, but the potential rewards for hackers are immense.

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Community Health Breach Highlights Security Problems in Health Care Industry

20 Aug, 2014

Community Health Systems, a Tennessee-based health care organization, reported that 4.5 million records were compromised this spring.

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Most Companies Admit They Don’t Have a Very Effective Security Response Plan

18 Aug, 2014

Lack of time and lack of budget are top reasons a huge percentage of U.S. company don't have a cybersecurity plan. But the costs of that could be disastrous.

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The Need for a Layered Authentication Approach

14 Aug, 2014

Layered authentication, perhaps with real-time data or a three-factor approach, seems to be a necessity.

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Consumers Believe Privacy Is Responsibility of Website Owners

11 Aug, 2014

Several recent studies show that online privacy worries differ by age and generation. But who is ultimately responsible for privacy?

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With a Breach This Large, Time Is on Your Side

07 Aug, 2014

News of the breach of over a billion personal records should be a nudge to smarter behavior, but there is no need to panic.

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New Malware Hides in Windows Registry

04 Aug, 2014

This new configuration of malware shows that we can’t depend solely on AV software to find and block malware on our computers.

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Department of Homeland Security Takes Further Steps to Strengthen Cybersecurity

31 Jul, 2014

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to strengthen the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to protect critical infrastructure.

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Data Breaches: On the Rise and Chasing Away Customers

30 Jul, 2014

If customers walk away because your company suffered a breach, would your business be able to survive?

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Nigerian Scams Now Targeting Businesses

28 Jul, 2014

419 scams are making a comeback, but now rely on malware to gain access to business systems.

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