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Endpoints Are Most Vulnerable Yet Not Well Secured

24 Jul, 2014

Security professionals know what’s coming and they know where the likely risk of a breach is, and yet, they remain (and admit that they are) under-prepared.

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Better Internal Collaboration Can Keep Hackers Away

21 Jul, 2014

The collaboration breakdown often stems from how security is viewed within the company.

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Do You Know Your Company’s Weakest Security Link?

17 Jul, 2014

Insider threats are receiving more attention, but third-party partners and contractors are still woefully ignored.

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Employers, Employees Still Not on Same Page About BYOD

14 Jul, 2014

You’d think after all these years, we’d have done a better job figuring out the security of BYOD.

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Congress Makes New Attempt at Cybersecurity Legislation

10 Jul, 2014

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) is already being called controversial.

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Shadow IT Is Risky Business

07 Jul, 2014

IT departments might be surprised to find out what their employees are using instead of company-approved apps.

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Russian-Based Dragonfly Group Attacks Energy Industry

03 Jul, 2014

Industrial control systems in the U.S. and Western Europe are being targeted, say security firms.

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Banking Trojans Return to the Spotlight

30 Jun, 2014

Researchers have uncovered a Trojan called Dyre, which was designed to bypass SSL security to steal banking data.

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The Rise of BYOW in the Enterprise

26 Jun, 2014

Smart watches, eyewear like Google Glass, and fitness trackers can all pose a threat to the corporate network.

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Could BYOD Increase Insider Threats?

23 Jun, 2014

A new study predicts an increase in insider threats, but can lax BYOD security be to blame for some of that increase?

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Android and iOS Equally Vulnerable in the Corporate Environment

19 Jun, 2014

The bottom line: It doesn’t really matter which operating system you choose because both are about equal when it comes to threats.

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AT&T Breach by Vendor Awakens New Insider Threat Concerns

18 Jun, 2014

If you rely on third parties for vendor services or as consultants, your network is only as secure as that third party’s security.

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A Year After Snowden, Companies Finally Serious on Endpoint Security

16 Jun, 2014

In response to the events of the past year, the majority of companies are beginning to rethink their security strategies.

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World Cup Brings Plenty of Cybersecurity Concerns

12 Jun, 2014

If you’re a soccer fan, enjoy the World Cup. Just do it smartly, and encourage your employees to be security savvy, as well. It appears that the bad guys are out in force this time around.

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Heartbleed Spam and OpenSSL Security Woes

09 Jun, 2014

New spam messages involving the Heartbleed bug have surfaced and further issues linger with OpenSSL.

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Are You Prepared for the Security Challenges of the Internet of Things?

05 Jun, 2014

IT departments are aware of, but not prepared for, the influx of issues associated with the Internet of Things.

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Lack of Skilled Security Professionals a Hot Conference Topic

02 Jun, 2014

One IT security conference presented several conclusions about why it seems difficult to find skilled cybersecurity workers.

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Apple Lockout Shows Importance of Device Passcodes

29 May, 2014

The recent hack and lockout of several Apple iPhones and Macs could be a precursor of things to come in the age of the cloud.

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The Complicated Matter of Health Care Data Security

28 May, 2014

Health care organizations are targets of cyberattacks because they hold massive amounts of personal data, but scarier issues are also at stake.

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Indictments and Stolen Passwords: What They Mean for Security

27 May, 2014

At the CEIC conference, indictments of Chinese hackers generated lots of conversation. The eBay breach felt like more of the same old story.

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