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The Nine Basic Patterns of Cyber Threats

24 Apr, 2014

Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report says 92 percent of the 100,000 incidents analyzed over the past decade follow nine basic patterns.

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Consumers Uneasy About Privacy as More Companies Report Data Breaches

21 Apr, 2014

Michaels Arts and Crafts and Aaron Brothers stores admitted that stores suffered two different eight-month-long breaches.

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Predictions on the Future of Cybersecurity

17 Apr, 2014

The Information Security Forum has made its predictions for cybersecurity challenges through 2016 in its threat report.

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Phishing Emails Targeting Financial Industry and Social Media on the Rise

16 Apr, 2014

Social media networks are actually the top phishing targets, followed by the financial industry. Their inherent interconnectedness makes them fruitful for criminals.

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Lack of Security Awareness Training Puts Data and Networks at Risk

14 Apr, 2014

If employees aren't getting security awareness training, is it because organizations don't understand what it is, or is it because they don't care?

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Keeping Our Fingers on the Pulse of the Heartbleed Bug

10 Apr, 2014

Find out how to ensure safety from the Heartbleed bug, which exploits a vulnerability in OpenSSL.

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End of Support Date for Windows XP Is Upon Us

07 Apr, 2014

As the EOS date approaches, can you afford the risk of a breach because you are still using Windows XP?

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Preparing for the Shifting Threat Landscape

03 Apr, 2014

Protection methods once considered best or most optimal will become outdated or be a smaller piece of the security puzzle.

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Good Backup Process Is a Necessary Step in Data Security

31 Mar, 2014

World Backup Day reiterates the importance of a solid backup plan for network data security.

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Mixed News for Health Care Data Security

27 Mar, 2014

With more people entering the health care (and insurance) system, there will be a correlated rise in the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) available.

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Consumers Don’t Trust Organizations to Protect Data

26 Mar, 2014

Recent polls show that in light of the security breaches and NSA spying revelations, consumers don't trust companies with personal data.

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Improving Cyberattack Response

24 Mar, 2014

The key, says AccessData's Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, is prioritization and improved integration.

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Adding Multi-Layered Security to BYOD a Challenge But Not Impossible

20 Mar, 2014

Using a multi-layered security approach is pretty common for the network, but what works for the network doesn't necessarily work for mobile.

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The Challenges of Fundamental BYOD Security

17 Mar, 2014

BYOD has been around awhile, but the technologies involved are always in flux, therefore a good BYOD plan should be flexible.

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Will We See More SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication in 2014?

13 Mar, 2014

It wouldn't be a perfect solution, but it would be a start.

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The Future of Passwords

10 Mar, 2014

If we've come to the end of the password's usefulness, with what will we replace it?

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Survey Looks at Employee Perception on Cyber Attacks

06 Mar, 2014

It’s more important than ever that everyone within the company is on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity practices.

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Cyberattacks Hit at Rapid-Fire Pace

03 Mar, 2014

FireEye’s research shows just how vulnerable every company is, no matter its size or location.

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Mobile Malware Evolution Does Not Bode Well for Android Apps

27 Feb, 2014

No matter how good security software is, the bad guys have gotten very good at getting around it.

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Majority of Employees in the Dark About BYOD Security

26 Feb, 2014

An interesting new study from AdaptiveMobile shows that employees don’t know how much control employers have over their personally owned devices.

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