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DDoS Attacks on the Rise, but Consumers Remain Unaware

03 Sep, 2015

Though they've been around for a long time, DDoS attacks are still coming on strong and we still struggle to find ways to prevent and deal with them.

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Millennials Turn to Shadow IT When In-House Collaboration Tools Aren’t Satisfactory

31 Aug, 2015

It’s clear there is a serious tech divide, especially in how younger and older workers approach collaboration.

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Why Cloud Security Threats Shouldn’t Inhibit Cloud Adoption

27 Aug, 2015

Yes, cloud security is a big deal. But there are ways to protect your data from the latest threats, so don't say "no" to the cloud because of fear.

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Survey Finds that Almost No One Likes Passwords

26 Aug, 2015

A new survey found that 84 percent of consumers questioned wanted to get rid of passwords altogether. But would they actually use two-factor authentication?

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Behavior Recognition as Cybersecurity Tool

24 Aug, 2015

Teaching behavior recognition has to be an integral part of cybersecurity-professional education and training.

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API Security Needs to Be Backed by CXOs

20 Aug, 2015

Akana released the results of its API security survey, and it found that API security is becoming a C-level concern, but will they follow through?

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Privileged Account Security Still Vulnerable Despite Security Increases

17 Aug, 2015

A survey conducted at Black Hat USA 2015 found that privileged accounts aren’t as secure as we think they are, and that little has been done to improve on security in recent years.

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Why Endpoints May Be the Greatest Risk to Enterprise Security

13 Aug, 2015

A recent survey identified endpoints as a major security risk for enterprises due to human factors and software vulnerabilities, such as Flash.

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Even Security Companies Get Breached

10 Aug, 2015

What does it mean for us if security companies are suffering cyberattacks and data breaches?

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Find the Intersection of Machine Learning and IT Security

10 Aug, 2015

Observing patterns across the entire network to correlate and detect access and data patterns is hard to do manually for a human observer. Collecting and analyzing data using machine learning is far more effective.

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Are Wearable Devices Worth the Workplace Security Risk?

06 Aug, 2015

As one security company proved that malware can move from smartphone to wearable device, it's now time for IT security to take over managing such devices in the workplace.

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Windows 10 Ransomware Scam Represents Growing Trend in Malware

03 Aug, 2015

Scammers have created a new phishing scam by which they send a fake link to download the new Windows 10 OS, in hopes of holding PCs for ransom.

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Have Cyberattacks Become Nation-State Attacks?

30 Jul, 2015

As authorities dig deeper, they find that several recent breaches may all link back to one Chinese cyberespionage group.

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Stagefright Reveals Android’s Biggest Security Flaw

29 Jul, 2015

A new Android vulnerability can be triggered just with your phone number and highlights the slow, difficult task of patching affected Android phones.

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Hackers Gain Control Because Organizations Allow Them to Do So

27 Jul, 2015

The latest AshleyMadison breach shows how hackers have gained control over the Internet because companies are lax about cybersecurity.

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Consumers Want More than Passwords Protecting Data

23 Jul, 2015

New studies show that consumers are starting to become more interested in alternate forms of digital security such as two-factor identification and biometrics.

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Confidence in Information Security Capabilities Is Lacking

21 Jul, 2015

Studies have shown that IT organizations place too much trust in certificates and encryption and believe their security efforts are enough despite continued attacks.

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To Fix Cybersecurity, We Need to Understand It More Completely

16 Jul, 2015

The recent OPM breach and the blame game going on in Washington only goes to prove that our leaders and the public don't seriously understand cybersecurity.

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How to Select the Correct Encryption Approach

14 Jul, 2015

Far from being one-size-fits-all, encryption offers options to fit your organization's various data security needs.

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Hacking Team Hack Reveals Software Exploits

13 Jul, 2015

Unfortunately, this may be the tip of the iceberg.

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