HTML5 Looks Good in Light of Google, Facebook and IAB Moves

22 Sep, 2015

The value proposition of HTML5 is that it performs tasks within its basic functionality that in the past required users to download and install plugins.

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Tablet Sector Growth Pushed and Pulled by Business, Consumer Trends

14 Sep, 2015

It’s a bit of a cat and mouse situation: Consumer patterns make vendors reluctant to spend money on designing and manufacturing innovative new tablets.

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Patient Health Care Apps: Chaotic Marketplace Blurs Benefits

24 Aug, 2015

Experts say the difficulty in enabling unrelated patient mobile apps to work together, along with other inefficiencies, suggests that a tremendous amount of integration and development work remains.

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Apps for Health Care Providers: First, Do No Harm

17 Aug, 2015

Practitioners and IT departments must work together to find the applications that go beyond glitz to actually solve a problem or fill a need.

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Find the Intersection of Machine Learning and IT Security

10 Aug, 2015

Observing patterns across the entire network to correlate and detect access and data patterns is hard to do manually for a human observer. Collecting and analyzing data using machine learning is far more effective.

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Getting Social with CompTIAPerks

23 Jul, 2015

A staff-driven social media campaign is bringing out the fun and a little competitiveness at CompTIA this summer. Find out why its presentation of workplace culture is successful.
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How to Select the Correct Encryption Approach

14 Jul, 2015

Far from being one-size-fits-all, encryption offers options to fit your organization's various data security needs.

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Bringing Software-Defined Networking to the WAN

07 Jul, 2015

The only certain similarity between SD WANs and SDNs is that the control and data planes will be separated. To an extent, the definitions can form over time.

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Alternatives to Passwords: What’s on the Horizon?

09 Jun, 2015

Let's be realistic. We're screwed with all these passwords. Experts discuss what really has to be done, and whether we're willing to do it.

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Small Cell Technology Transforms the Cellular Industry

03 Jun, 2015

The first generation of small cell technology aimed at coexisting alongside macro cell technology without interference. The goal was for the two approaches to do their job -- but stay out of each other’s way.

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