Why Gamification Matters

11 Apr, 2014

Gamification is an upside-down, inside-out concept for many business and IT leaders, but it is quickly becoming a mainstream activity in the enterprise.

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SDN, Cloud Computing Acceptance Among Top Interop Trends

02 Apr, 2014

NEWS ANALYSIS: IT vendors are rushing to swear fealty to software-defined networking while enterprises are seriously considering moving data center resources to the cloud.

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Coping With a Cloud Outage

27 Mar, 2014

Cloud computing presents enormous opportunities for the enterprise, but it's critical to proactively prepare for cloud outages as well as outright provider failures.

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6 Big Business Intelligence Mistakes

17 Mar, 2014

Want a successful business intelligence implementation? Then make sure to avoid these six big BI mistakes.

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Business and IT Leaders Must Think Differently

12 Mar, 2014

Digital technology presents incredible challenges and fundamentally changes the nature of products. The first step is recognizing a need to think differently.

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How to Control Email Before It Controls You

04 Mar, 2014

A study finds workers on average spend 13 hours a week on email. Collaborative software promises to help us lower that number, but common-sense tips can help as well.

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We're at a Crossroad for Data Privacy

03 Mar, 2014

Consumer expectations create an environment of privacy and awareness, so companies must build privacy practices and controls that link with the way they operate.

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How Enterprises Can Get Better Access to Real-Time Data

23 Feb, 2014

Here's a list of data points around a new approach to enterprise performance management.

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Cloud Storage for Business: Pros and Cons

19 Feb, 2014

A one-to-one comparison between the per-GB cost of online backup and buying local disk doesn’t favor the cloud.

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Is SAP Jam Where Enterprise Social Is Headed?

07 Feb, 2014

The goal for SAP Jam enterprise social networking software is not just to boost collaboration but to make it easier for business people to find the right people, data and processes to do their jobs.

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