Why Mobile Apps Are Not Getting More Secure

27 Jan, 2016

The insecurity of mobile life has a variety of causes, ranging from technological shortcomings to user apathy, ignorance and naivety. The question is what can be done.

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The IoT, IPv6 and DDoS: A Dangerous Mix

19 Jan, 2016

Experts say it's possible that the new addressing scheme, necessary to accommodate the explosion of wireless technology and the billions of IoT devices, will create a landscape that allows malicious hackers to launch potentially potent DDoS attacks.

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Examples of Big Data Success: Making the Data Work to Solve the Big Problems

17 Dec, 2015

Three companies share their successful use of Big Data analytics in mobile, self-service data and health care.

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Small Cell Backhaul Part of a Big Wireless Expansion

07 Dec, 2015

Companies need to have solid small cell backhaul strategies due to the intense timing demands under which these networks labor.

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Understanding the Close Relationship Between the IoT and Big Data

23 Nov, 2015

The mountain of data that the IoT produces would be useless without the analytic power of Big Data. Conversely, without the IoT, Big Data wouldn't have the raw materials from which to fashion solutions that are expected of it.

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LTE Will Use Unlicensed Spectrum, But How?

17 Nov, 2015

LTE evolved in a rarified environment in which telecom companies pay for the spectrum. It’s theirs, and there is no need to play nice.

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IT Business Edge 2016 Editorial Calendar

09 Nov, 2015

This is a calendar of special topics that will be covered on IT Business Edge in 2016. Our coverage will not be limited to these topics.

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The Automobile Industry: Connecting to Trouble?

29 Oct, 2015

At this point, the biggest challenge may not be from the type of highly targeted hack that the news sites are portraying. It could be hackers taking a blunt-force approach.

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How Organizations Are Approaching National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

20 Oct, 2015

Security executives at Zuora, CDK Global and Baylor University talk about how they're raising cybersecurity awareness in October and year-round.

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The Long Transition to IPv6 Passes a Milestone

19 Oct, 2015

The exhaustion of ARIN’s IPv4 addresses doesn’t materially change anything, but it is a sign.

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